Rough Seas


Eyes burning like a thousand suns

I hang my head low, in despair

And grasp my hands so tightly in prayer


Please, it’s getting so hard to breath

I know it will be better

But right now it’s not

Cold, burning tears

They feel cold and wet

Suddenly they burn and my face too

I want to find a way to not live this way

Eyes stinging

I type, I think, I sip coffee

There is hope at the end of this endless tunnel

I’m digging my way out of

It keeps collapsing and my progress is stopped

Eye wide open

I keep digging

Thinking about happier times

Trying not to get more sad, more upset

Trying not to get lost in my darkness

Cold, burning tears

I dig my way out

No looking back

Time will heal

For now, I must go on with my day

The sadness writhes inside

I must hope better days are soon


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