Breathless, a review


Breathless exhibits all the classic signs of being a French New Wave film. First off, at the beginning of the film there is self-reflexivity. This happens while the actual movie is being run in which there are things being shouted to us the audience but not by the actors. It is these things that confused me at first until I realized it was the movie “calling attention to itself” (self-reflexivity) by yelling things like for the audience to go “screw” themselves. This movie contains lots of location shooting as well. Through Michal and all his various “girlfriends” we see the way the film is being shot as well as where and how and that is location shooting. It really adds something to the film as a whole.

However, what I think was the most significant element in this film and at times an annoying element was that of jump cut. At the beginning when the police officer is being shot it happens at a moments notice. This is a very vital part of the movie therefore you would think that it would need to be more important and that the director would allow it to take up more time so that the audience would gain a greater understanding of what is occurring here. Also, there was a scene where Michal was driving and the jump cutting was a tad out of control. At the coffee table, the jump cut seemed brilliant and added something to the film by pushing the envelop and simply adding another dimension to this film which I thoroughly enjoyed. This movie truly is a celebration of film through both subtle and obvious factors.


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