My thoughts of Rear Window


Rear Window was a phenomenal combination of Thriller, Romance, and Comedy. Throughout the movie, these three aspects were blended beautifully together. This blend really combines for an interesting thought spurring movie because of how clever the scenes between what is going on in the windows and what is going on in Jeff’s actual apartment are so different at the beginning and then become one in the same towards the end.

First off, this movie’s aspect of being a thriller is brilliant. Alfred Hitchcock really knows how to play with our psyche and slowly terrify us through different scenes with not just visuals such as Lisa digging in the yard or going into the suspected murderer’s apartment but with appropriate sound and camera and light angles to make the scene of the suspect Lars Thorwald scarier. It would not be as frightening seeing the neighbor do these things if not for the music and the way the camera is used to go between Jeff actually looking at this happen and then allowing us viewers to see what Jeff sees. That adds another angle of horror when you fear for Jeff’s safety at the end because how can a man with a broken leg fight an able-bodied man? So all the fear of being discovered that Jeff is spying on his neighbor because he believes the neighbor has murdered his wife comes together at the end.

The Romance Between Lisa and Jeff is confusing at times because Jeff says he wants an ordinary girl to be his nurse but that Lisa is too much for him. Lisa comes by frequently first simply noticing her boyfriend’s spying on all the neighbors which at first she finds funny but then as the situation of the murder comes she at first thinks Jeff has lost his mind. How could a man who is simply moving suit cases be the murderer? She comes to believe him and together they put the puzzle together. The detective Doyle that Jeff calls is no help he thinks Jeff is absolutely ridiculous and although Jeff calls him a number of times and he thinks it’s nothing it adds to the fear. But all this time is split with Lisa and Jeff laying together, kissing, and her staying over night and coming frequently for a perfect dose of romance in this film.

The comedy in this film that balances out the two other elements perfectly is visual as well as auditory. First we have the humor of all the things that Jeff witnesses as a spy of the neighborhood which that in itself I find a little funny because how often are you going to find a man who is peeping on his neighbors and the things the are doing are funny because if he wasn’t spying he wouldn’t see the lady in her underwear or the young couple making loving or any of the other hilarious scenes all because of a broken leg and some curiousity that leads to deep trouble. So throughout the film these three elements are intertwined perfectly to make for a brilliant and a very entertaining movie all the way to the end.


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