Ode to Coffee


At first try I disliked your taste

What a fool I was then

Was I out of my mind?

Then a large change on a normal day

One day, at 22 I remember thinking

I should make a huge cup of coffee

I don’t know if I was tired, bored, distracted, or inspired

Thinking back, I was inspired

Somehow, the biggest cup available was pulled out the lazy susan

And as I poured hot water into the coffee and sugar

There was some magic in the air

And when the coffee was made

And since I took a sip I’ve never quite had my fill

Ode to coffee

Your strong, remarkable, blessed aroma

Makes me smile every time I inhale, I feel calm

It’s my greatest love and the start to a great day

Coffee you are the epitome of, “it’s the little things in life”

And you drive me forward with joy and a jolt. A treat and I’m on my way.

Ode to Coffee

For making small talk

For making coffee dates with friends

Your impeccable flavor

It, I savor

Glory from heaven above

It’s a cup of coffee I’d love


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