Who I am to humanity


Someone who cries and yells frequently, a lot

Someone whose blood is a boiling pot

Someone transfixed with what’s not

I’m violent

I’m bossy, mean

Obsessed with homework,

What I can’t have

I, selfish

I cry myself to sleep

I’m hypersensitive

Agreeing to anything is a leap

If someone screams not a peep

From me that is

You see my feeling big as the sky

Shoot them down with your hunting rifles of words

I just let the harsh remarks fly

Inside I die

I spy

I comply

I buy it

Buy into the lies

I’m a racist and a feminist though no one knows why

I’m incapable of love

I am scared of everything

I can’t sing

I’m Polish but too prou-

Wait slow down

Erase all that

Scratch it out

Burn it so I can feel the affectionate flames that compel me-

I want the ashes of the troubled “perceptions of me by humanity”

Burning in the fiery pits of hell!

This is who I really am

(No rhyme this time)


The complete truth

A hopeless romantic,

Who is thus romantically hopeless

I am assertive

No one will be walking all over

Me with their stinky shoes

In fact no one can touch me

Unless well, let’s see

I let them.

Maybe I can’t perform so well

But my memory bank for music and theater

Is phenomenal, swell

I love movies and music and fine dining as well

I am tolerate of all races, religions

I am concerned for the future of the world

I care for others more than myself

I’m a very Polish girl

Loves to see the sun swirl

I’m not afraid of everything

I love nature, simple things

But I’m scared of

Planes, trains

Stalkers, heights

And anything that bites

I fall asleep to my i-pod

Not tears

I’m incapable but of being loved in return which I guess is worse

I don’t buy the hype

I’m not that type

Of Woman

I’m passionate about my hobbies

I have a deep love for the world,

But am on occasion cynical

But Mostly I’m Maria.

I’m completely unsystematic and sometimes nerve wrecking.

I am what I want to be and no one or anything else.

I’m appreciating things while you still can.

This is who I am

Face it embrace otherwise

Turn around and walk away


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