A Conversation with Eternity


Time you’re really doing it all wrong!

You must be mistaken or confused

Scratching your infinite rusting gears.

You’re failing me time; you’re breaking my heart

– A stinging cut I bleed profusely from.

Time you have it, the answers to life’s questions.

When I need you to speed past, only smelling your dusty trail

You slow to a crawl.

When I need calm, rhythmic beats

You dash away like a wild stallion.


My time as a person, as a senior in college is

On the brink of change

Leaving many things yet to be completed

Running so fast, time becomes a smudge of colors and circumstances.

How can I expand it like the air in a balloon,

Taste the rubbery elastic

And make time last?


Time so far 27 years I’ve lived

I hear only my pencil jotting down

Learning, failure, discovery, success, and change

I am closing in on 28

I can almost feel the embraces

Of congratulations.


Now, I’ve finally opened the door

Time, I need you to let love in.

Don’t short change me time!

Give me a happiness that fills an ocean,

That’s what I wish for on my cake, time.

Give me an 28th birthday

Like nothing else- unique

Extraordinary, exquisite

Something I will file away in my memory bank,

And keep for eternity.


I know this is a lot to examine and mend in a short time,

But I’ve just spilled my soul to an inanimate object!

So don’t disappoint me time, make my heart soar today.


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