Suddenly sick


What began with a little coughing 

And choking on my morning coffee on Saturday 

Evolved into a plague-like shock

One minute I’m at a car show, I’m doing my assignments and laundry 

It was a great day, a balance of work and play

Suddenly these overwhelming chills

Grasp my being and I think nothing of it at first. Take a blanket and all is well.

Then I’m putting on pajamas and I’m shaking so much and I’m so, so cold…

The temperature is rising in my body to an immense heat and in my mind 

Worries of missing school on Monday aren’t far behind

It grasps me with a sudden, cruel sickening

Like a plague it has no mercy, only agony and punishment

But I go forward, praying for an overnight miracle. 

Now we wait.

I wake.

It’s 2:18 am

I’m so cold I cannot bear it, but my body’s so hot I’m afraid

My muscles ache, better not to move at all, but I have to take action 

Tylenol is taken and I wait for any relief 

Sleep comes hard to me

Sleep will come eventually, won’t it?


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