Someday it will be


I will love you

and you will love me

nothing will break our bond

I will understand your needs, hold you in my arms and in my heart

You will understand me, respect me, love me

We will find each other, I just don’t know when

I will thank God above for bringing us together

It is Fate

So I wait

Someday it will be


Please Vote


Don’t quote

Trump’s false facts

Don’t despise our country

Although I’m embarrassed for this country

A sad state of affairs

Don’t let that lead to apathy


For everything our Founding Father fought for

Remember that we must vote!

Vote because it’s dangerous not to

Vote because you care


Vote to save us for ourselves.

(Also, you may dislike both candidates. I understand. Still, the duty to vote !)



I can’t take my mind off of you


It was our very first date

You were right on time or a little late

I was so nervous I don’t actually know the time

You drove a silver Honda

The car was parked. And slowly,

You came out to greet me

I met you with nervousness but also glee

We traveled to the train station

Missed the train so we waited

And soccer vs. football we contemplated

I’m so very lucky conversation went so well

Because the entire time I thought,

I can’t take my eyes off you…

But now that it’s been over so long

I can’t take my mind off of you…

The Abyss


It’s when I finally think everything is fine

After I awake and I start my Wednesday…

I look up and realize something terrifying

Blackout, I blacked out from anxiety

Even though the sun barely had time to hit my eyes

Half an hour has passed like a minute

I want to take the hand that’s offered by my friend

And hold on so incredibly tight

I wonder about this next level anxiety

Falling into an actual abyss

I wonder if I’m being tested

So I furiously clean, clean, clean

Fear fainting again, fear the blackout, fear missing class

But mostly, I fear being swallowed up by the abyss

So I make a plan, make phone calls, I struggle to pray

And consider that there’s time I cannot account for

It’s too much to analyze

So I make some coffee

Maybe I can just wish it away…


The Rush


Sudden messages pop on my screen
We talk about everything and anything
I don’t know where it’s going
I want to enjoy the ride
In the past I rushed relationships
I wanted the love. I wanted what people in love have.
Did I want to work for it?
Did I want to watch it grow?
I worried about uncomfortable conversations.
I worried about that first kiss.
I worried about disappointing someone.
I worried about developing a comfort zone and trusting someone completely.
Relationships are scary.
I’ve been let down a lot.
I’ve been hurt.
What drives me is the concept of love.
I want to be walking down the streets of Chicago with the one I love. We don’t have a destination. And we don’t really do anything. We walk and explore. And that’s the best day. The little moments and quiet cafe. It’s so different experiencing the moment where you are so happy, you relax and know this good time will be. It will just be.