Keeping the Faith during Pain


Questions brewing in my mind
Why can you hear my thoughts
Invasions are not of my faith
But you seem to know it all
You’ve been here for so long my lord!
You’ve been here long before us all
You may think you know everything
And control it too
But does that make you strong?
You’re up above you’re everywhere
In everything I do
So when I do such evil things
Is that just testing too?
The black and white have blended
My faith has been suspended
Your was once transcended
But what am I do make?
There’s souls suffering through the night
And I cannot save them from their sorrow
I wonder then will you save them
Or will they just dissolve in pain?
I’ll get a call tomorrow

Or the most terrifiying thing
Has entered in my thoughts
Dear God above
Have I ever actually known you at all?

I beg you for your help
And I know that you come through
But in that moment of great pain
What is a girl to do?


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