Ode to Ceramics (Throwback)


To walking in late the very first day

To immediately start by getting dirty in clay

And meeting my complete opposite

But one of my best friends, Sammi

Ode to Anna’s laugh and

Not caring what everybody says

Ode to Erin’s vase and everlasting patience

Thank you for being skeptical

So I knew the quote on my cup was bogus

To Olia’s rose that by no other name

Would smell as sweet

To Caitlin Coursey’s cup of Squares

An array of sharp, yet shunning symmetry

Ode to Brad’s lightening and peacock feathered cup

To all his clean, careful, and tidy work

Ode to professor’s pot of Gold inspiration from real life

To Irena’s reindeer and fruit treats

Ode to her dragon

To Maria’s chimney and stunning deep planet Plate

To her Imagination Land Boat and love for brick detail

Ode to Patricia Pineda’s Vase with interweaves of vines

Ode to Bridget’s humor and unique pieces

To never surrendering to

The coil or the raku

Ode the Lime I-pod

The medley of music

That calms us

Ode to recycling the clay that doesn’t make until it is reborn


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