Part two of and numb is the coldest 


When my feelings wake up 


I rise

When I’m no longer numb 

My mind begins to hum

Begins to go into working order

I think I feel some hope

No longer a stranger 

Hope is my ally

I never really lost it

I was just so very sad

But I have my family 

I have so much to be grateful for 

I need to remember even during the coldest day that hope remains 

That anxiety and sadness aren’t my friends 

That life is so much bigger than that, but so short

I want to live this hopeless short life with reckless abandon 

I will go out late at night to watch the stars

I will buy ice cream even though I’m on a lifestyle plan 

I will do things in moderation with food to ensure I enjoy myself

One life 

And I intend to live it 


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