Dance with me


Dance with me
Romance with me
Don’t just stand
Hold my hand
Take us both into a far off land
Twirl me around
Dip me to the ground
We will succeed
I will follow your lead
I will step on your toes
That’s just the way it goes
When the music changes to a slow song
Hold me firm but gentle for so long
Next time the music plays
We can dance for hours that spill into days
What do you say?

Your Eyes (Part 2)


Because we met at an event 

That was so very far away

And we live in different cities anyway 

I thought my feelings would just melt like snow

But no  

I wonder with all my might

With an internal fight

That I’m giving into because I can’t fight it, it’s too powerful 

Feelings I’m listening to because of your eyes 

your glittering shimmering eyes

So I hope 

In the deep heart I have

So prepared to love and be loved

I can see you

One more time 

(Again and again)



Math is very similar to a man I will one day love. I don’t need to fully understand him in order to love him. I love him because of who he is and I love math because of what it is: heart warming, complex, confusing , and brilliant all at once. I will never have a full grasp on it, but I can always bask in its beauty.

In an ominous sea of black, I a magenta tulip …


In an ominous sea of black, I a magenta tulip, float to the surface and defy everything. There amongst the conformists and those who fear different, I stand erect and I prove that color is lacking in this world using the brightest one in my arsenal. I will bridge that gap. I walk through the sea and I part it with my magenta being. I grin because I flood the world with color. And the world could definitely use some color… 💓💝

How Mighty is your love


After everything I have been through in my entire life
It has always been the source
Of hope
Of strength
When times were dark
When I was without hope
It was so mighty that no one and no thing could rupture it
I always found my way back down to Earth
Because of the strongest force on earth
Not gravity
But Love

Your Eyes


They were introducing us to everyone
And I was fairly calm
Until I saw your eyes
You have a beautiful smile
I cannot tell lies
But there is nothing more beautiful
Than your sparkling, intense eyes
We talked about football
We talked about the young happy couple
We talked about so many things
In the end
Weeks later
When I feel particularly calm
And hold my thoughts tight
I remember how your eyes sparkled
That warm September night