Stop using your power to hurt others


In light of all the sexual assault allegations against so many I write:

Please think long and hard about what you are doing

Please stop and think about it

Please don’t do it

Don’t !

Think about the other person

Think about the agonizing pain

Think about if that was someone you loved

And how you would feel

Or just think about what is right

And if you still want to do horrible wrongs

Please get help

But …. !

No buts!

Just stop it!

Stop hurting others

They are scarred for life

Full of sadness, pain, and strife

Because of your actions

Stop the hurt

Stop the assault

And above all

Stop using your power to hurt others

I know who I love


You are my future

He was my past

I loved him so much

But it couldn’t last

My love for you is so, so strong

I’ve loved you for so, so long

I’m searched for my forever

And secretly I knew

Despite my attempt to resist

That forever is with you

So I’m putting the past away

And that’s where it will stay

I love you because of everything you are and everything you aren’t

It’s so hard for me to think we are so far apart

I know my answer now

I love not him

I love you, it’s true!

Now to find the courage to say

I care so much about you and could you love me that way too?

I don’t know who I love anymore


Is it you?
Is it him?
My feelings are so jumbled.
All I can do is mumble.
And my brain causes me to stumble.
And it’s absolutely true
That I don’t know if it’s you.
My father taught me to be honest
That what I always am
Because the lies hurt far worse
Then any truth can.
Because this feels like a curse.
I loved you first.
But now I love someone else.
You were my first love
From God above
You were so kind
I lost my mind
But now I don’t know what to do.
Do I love him or do I love you?
My heart is shattered
So does it even matter
Because can someone love me
With moods crashing like the sea?
But sometimes
When I put down my heavy head
And lie down in my dark cold bed
And I wonder what is all this worrying for if
I don’t know who I love anymore.



I message you full of cheer because I want to make you smile
I think about you working too hard and I’m sad
I daydream about you walking through the windy city
I think about how long it’s been since we saw each other
I think about your mischievous smile
I recall your stunning eyes, no other eyes compare and
The way they used to look at me (maybe I imagined it)
The way you always protected me because you are a kind person
The way you always took me places and just talked to me
The way you could make me laugh and blush
The way you listened to me, it made my world so full of joy I could burst
The way you went through all my school books when we met
On that freezing cold day in the coffee shop
The way you answered all the quiz bowl questions, it was a breeze for you
The way you ordered me wine one time, and now that’s the only wine I drink
I think about how you took me to the soccer game even though you were sick
I think about how you took me to my school so I would know how to get there
I think about your perfectly pressed suits and your vividly colorful bow ties
I think about your Halloween costume and your brown leather brief case
I think about us sitting next to each other in American Lit years ago
And I wonder this :

Should I confess how when you walk into a room time stops and I can’t breath?
Should I confess how much I want to you to kiss me?
Should I confess how badly I want to be held in your arms?
Should I confess how when your eyes sparkle my heart sings?
Should I confess how I think you are my soul mate?

I must, I must but I can’t
I’m scared
I’m too scared of the outcome
So instead the circle continues
I message you full of cheer because I want to
I think about you working too hard and I’m sad
I daydream about you walking through the windy city
I think about how long it’s been since we saw each other…

Confess, I have to confess how I feel
Only then could our love be real

The Forbidden Staircase


I walk it everyday
I walk the forbidden path
I am crucified for what I can’t change
I walk this spiraling staircase alone
I walk with no railing
I walk and when I fall I leap up
I walk this perilous path
I walk to freedom
I walk to an education
I walk to find love
I walk for books I love and coffee I adore
I walk a new life where I discovered my strengths
I walk this path of joy
But it is a forbidden case of stairs to me
And sometimes I walk it alone.
I walk with my head up and a heavy heart.
I walk hoping to help others so we can walk together, never alone.

The purple balloon on the tracks


It’s spinning haphazardly
It’s hopping along like a baby chick full of life
It’s a joy, a splash of color
On these strange somewhat uninviting tracks
It dances a waltz with the wind happy to oblige
A spirited and joyous dance
You cannot help but watch
The deep purple against a cloudy sky
The contrast is striking as the waltz continues
Then it’s over quicker than it began
Suddenly the train zooms by
All I can think is
Will I ever witness such a waltz
Will something so ordinary transform
Into something more?
More than a mere balloon…