A Twisted Criminal, a Twisted End (Murder on the Orient Express)


The man murdered as suspicion arouse
As to whether he deserved
Death, collapsing to his toes
Ratchet with a secret identity
Casteii was his actual name
But where to point the finger,
But where to point the blame?
A man who is remembered instead
For what that man did killing head after head.
A criminal who got away with too much
Murder, stealing, and such
But did he deserve death?
Enough though he was an awful man
I think that murder wasn’t the right plan
The stabbing in cold blood discovered
A mind blowing mystery uncovered
And we learn the motive
Shocking as could be
Many saw it coming
But no one really knew
Who cut inside the man until the blood they drew
For a man who created so much agony and pain
Now that he is dead there’s nothing to gain
Instead of being his body guard
They will write out his funeral card

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