I don’t know who I love anymore


Is it you?
Is it him?
My feelings are so jumbled.
All I can do is mumble.
And my brain causes me to stumble.
And it’s absolutely true
That I don’t know if it’s you.
My father taught me to be honest
That what I always am
Because the lies hurt far worse
Then any truth can.
Because this feels like a curse.
I loved you first.
But now I love someone else.
You were my first love
From God above
You were so kind
I lost my mind
But now I don’t know what to do.
Do I love him or do I love you?
My heart is shattered
So does it even matter
Because can someone love me
With moods crashing like the sea?
But sometimes
When I put down my heavy head
And lie down in my dark cold bed
And I wonder what is all this worrying for if
I don’t know who I love anymore.

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