Unapologetically Maria


My bipolar disorder

It burns so deeply in my brain

My bipolar disorder

It drives me completely, utterly insane

My bipolar disorder

It hurts so many wonderful people

My bipolar disorder

I pray from the church steeple

That one magical day

My bipolar disorder

Will simply float away

But my illness it helped shape me

So how bad could it possibly be

When I’m so gloriously happy

As myself

I’ve learned through pain to develop compassion

I’ve learned to fight all the cruel moods in a tasteful fashion

When the ones around me fill me with joy and love

I know my life is a gift from God above

So while it plagues and tries to tear me down

I wouldn’t let it rip me to the ground

My bipolar disorder

It doesn’t define me

My humanity, my love, my respect, my brain, my faith, and my heart

All those things they set me apart

Everyone who can accept me

Will get a great gift all their life

For although mine is sometimes filled with strife

I will help joy to swell in every heart I touch

Because I love this beautiful, dark world and people so much

So bipolar disorder we are through

You don’t own me

And I don’t own you

I’m living life and happy as can be

Because there is so much hope and joy surrounding me

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