Distance Part 2


It’s hard when she away from me
With a great deal of difficulty
I carry on each passing night
Blue with sadness terror fright
Sometimes I hear her laughing down the hall
I chase the sound until I run into a wall
Everything reminds me of our insides jokes
Clothing movies and tedious pokes
To make me smile when it won’t do
Instead my eyes carry a dark hue
I need her here and she can’t be near
I whimper in silence
I wallow in pain
But she’s someone else
Somewhere else
Despite my every prayer
I stare at an empty door
Cold, empty, as much as I can bear
I stare
Superimpose her image on every flitting object
But it does not a lick of good
To see only pictures, and as cherished as memories
They may be
I need her real body soon
Real person in flesh and blood
I’ll meet her with a rhyme
One thing I’ll do differently,
I won’t let her go anywhere THIS TIME.

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