Until I find you


I loved so much I wrote it all down

A college thesis neatly bound

But it really didn’t matter

Because my heart did shatter

And completely splatter

I loved so much that I did truly crazy things

I tried to do whatever get my heart to sing

I tried in vain to chase that feeling

Instead it made me sick and now I’m healing

I loved so much I lost my way

I couldn’t find a place to stay

I felt I didn’t belong anywhere

Except in your arms

And now that place isn’t there

I’ve tried to find someone to care for and love me

I’ve been hoping for so long and quietly

So I compose this

Because I suppose this

One day you’ll find me

Maybe in a book store

Maybe on a hike

Maybe while I’m riding my bike

Maybe in the library

Maybe in the theater

Maybe in Church

Maybe somewhere else


One day

We’ll meet

Because I’ve loved so much I know

That once we love one another that feeling won’t go

And so as it begins to snow

That’s just what I’ll do

I’ll be very patient and continue on hoping

Until I find you

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