Ode to Mango Smoothies


Standing, pacing in line,
I don’t even need to decide
Or even think
Which of these nourishing wonders
I will drink.
I say you all lose, had no chance
Because I with certainty
Will choose a large frothy
Mango smoothie!
Juicy and tangy in perfect proportion,
Frosty, succulent, and invigorating as could be
Bright tangerine and ripe,
Oh precious mango you’re my type.
My love, my heart’s utter delight
Because in spite of being a little rough around the edges
If you look closely you’re absolutely beautiful.

There’s something enchanting about your taste
Something no one should ever waste.
So chilly in my trembling, thrilled hand
I try to understand
How something simple like a mango
Can make my tongue do a euphoric tango.
Instantly I’m overflowing
With joy of that mind-numbing beverage.
Completely transcends average
Oh, the taste of you makes me faint
I cannot hold any restraint.

When it comes to sweetly sipping
Your heaven sent drink.
A drink Jesus should replace instead of wine
And fish and loaves of bread
Have an extravagant fountain of magnificent mango flowing over head
Then feed our entire starving world with your
Delicious, sinful pleasure one sip at a time
Save the leftover potion
In an overwhelming motion
To help fight hunger around this planet!
With each gulp, impossible to measure
The amount I treasure this exotic fruit.

Until the next time
I’m back again in line
Humble and meek
My mango smoothie I seek
Irresistible as a lovers touch
How I adore mango smoothies so profoundly
Ordering the drink, the money I pay is nothing
In comparison to the drink I receive, like I’m ripping them off by paying so little
It should be measured by karats instead of pounds
Its net worth resound in millions of Sun kissed smiles
Of each person lucky enough to drink its electrifying taste
A beverage that the Gods would even enjoy
It’s flavor and consumption contagious, oh boy
Perfection at its peak
At my wedding orange and white the theme
Simple yet stunning color scheme
And a mango smoothie in hand
With the finest, most wonderful breathtaking lad in the land
My love and his wife (me)
Toast to forever grasping each other tight, toasting
With mango smoothies that starry night.

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