“Sometimes we feel like we want to disappear, but what we really want is to be found.”


Ever since I started talking to


I want to suddenly be found

Ever since I found your break taking poetry

Scattered across my screen

I’ve found peace

Ever since I’ve seen your stunning paintings, raw and intense

I’ve found calm

I don’t know much about you really

But through your various art I feel that in some tiny way that I do

Your piercing, beautiful blue eyes see right into my soul, or so I feel

How can any of this be real?

Until a few days ago I wanted to be lost

But although I’m in pain

Reflection of it

With you not just hearing me but really listening, really diving into meanings

I began to explore myself even more

It’s communication with you

That I adore

It’s hoping I can can see you paint and create those stunning strokes

And watch your imagination soar

I hope we can continue to do so

And maybe one day more

One day meet

To talk, to hear each other speak

As to not disappear without meaning but to find it by being found


5 thoughts on ““Sometimes we feel like we want to disappear, but what we really want is to be found.”

  1. Wow, I am extremely flattered that my work has meant so much to you. You have immense talent, a kind heart and profound soul. You deserve to be seen. Thanks so much for this hommage. It’s great when we can inspire and be inspired by one another. 🙂

    • You are most welcome. I’m going through a truly dark painful time in my life, and it inspires me to write powerful poetry. Things feel impossible, but your lovely paintings and concise poems really move me. I haven’t truly smiled in about four months. Every smile hides my heartache. But somehow when I stare at a painting or read a poem of yours it causes me to realize that there is light in this dark world. Thank you for that. You’ve truly moved me to believe that I will be okay. I can never repay you for your kindness but I will try.

  2. I really meant what was in my poem. It was paying homage to you. My poem was more than that. I don’t know if you are seeing someone, I think you live in Canada, and I don’t know how you feel about this. Honestly, I haven’t known anyone I connected with in this way, and I don’t want to make things awkward although I know that will happen after I ask this. I believe it would be much worse never knowing. I never thought I could develop feelings through blogging but I have. Would you want to meet sometime? Where and how I’ve no idea. I just feel like I have to ask you.

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