Frenzy of Emotions


Love. It is a grand concept only, until we fall. You think about all these spectacular scenarios and kisses in the moonlight, because the imagination wants a grandiose, over the top euphoria. You think about sharing an intimate dinner and sharing a warm blanket during a movie. Perhaps it would be appropriate to define love at this point. But how does one explain that feeling where a switch is flipped for some, for some it is gradual, and others instant and still others some other version. That’s getting there, that’s not love. I think love is feeling like you’ve found someone you can no longer endure life without. You need their voice, their touch, and hopefully to be loved by them. Love is having an atrocious day, but it is easier knowing you have someone who will listen. Love is being a bit mad but recognizing that now colors are more vivid, food taste better, and fabric is softer because love has heightened your senses. Once we fall, we realize our assumptions that were just created were wrong. We think we know what it will be like. That we’ll be happier than we’ve ever been. That we’ll smile when we hear their name. That just being near them will send us into a mind frenzy of emotions.

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