A fate worse then death
Full out abandonment
If my plans weren’t so big
If my anticipation
And jubilation
Didn’t transcend complete
One person tried but
As no man or woman is an island
It fell on deaf ears
They can’t accept me
The girl who loves to climb trees
Be wild and is sometimes hard to please
I hide everything behind a mask
A mask that shows the happiness
That is animated
The real, raw, uncut me
Sits atop a chestnut tree
And realizes
They should take the good with the bad.
People in glass houses
Shouldn’t throw a single stone
Or create and animate
A fate worse then death
A dejected, distant, shattered, sad Maria
A fate no one can condone
Only condemn
But being broken
Doesn’t mean I dissolve away
I just go back to crew
With all this knowledge thinking
Who knew phrases all day
Who knew people can be so cruel
And create a fate worse the death for a girl
Who just wanted to twirl her way to a happy ending
One that I look for in vain
It does not exist
Merely a mist of calamity
Mixed with reality
And a fate worse then bereavement
The unfortunate beginning of eternal gloom – abandonment

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