Birthday Surprise <3


I am sitting next to my twin
We are eating breakfast
And it starts to begin
Happy birthday is being played on the radio
And I know something is up
It’s my brother’s band on the CD
And my entire family is surrounding me
Out of the blue my mom steps out with a cake
And suddenly it’s more than I can take
I’m moved to tears
For all these years of us
My twin and I
After we cut the special lemon cake and all eat
I lift my twin up by her feet
I lift her, hug her, high yes I do
And I cry, I got what I wanted for my birthday – and that is you




When I think of you
Standing next to me
When I think of what we could be
I am frozen, static

When I think of time
And circumstance
And Distance
I am frozen, static

When I think of what we could be
There’s this longing inside of me
And when I feel those butterflies
I’m jolted out of my seat

Some of the reasons I love October


 Some of the Reasons I love October 

1) The Foliage that surrounds my world, the deep orange, red, and yellow that make reality collide with fantasy.
2) There are great movies at the Theater!
3) Halloween Wars is on Food Network.
4) I met my best friend in October.
5) Football is in full swing, an experience my dad and I turn into a series of angry and happy screams.
6) The Good Doctor has enchanted me.
7) I am finally comfortable in school,my schedule and otherwise.
8) There are the memories of homecoming week.
9) I turn 29 this year!
10) October is an in between period. It’s fleeting and ever-changing – just like me.
11) Weather is unpredictable; sometimes the best things in life are the ones that are not for sure.
12) The rivalry between the Bears and Packers is on and I know my loyalty.
13) ♫ Marching Band memories, the thrill of the game and the marching that captivates me.♫
14) The last days of the bike trail- I love that sudden and intense rush.
15) It’s the last month I will wear sandals … maybe
16) A warm day that surprises everyone is really nice.
17) I love raking the leaves and basking in the sun.
18) I love crunching the leaves, running purposely crunching them.
19) The Jump from Summer Mode to Sweater weather is on point.
20) Halloween, a time for costumes, candy, pumpkins and the beginning of house decorations.
21) I learned how to ride my bike in October.
22) It’s cold enough for a lovely cup of hot chocolate.
23) The color orange is everything, assaulting my eyes in the best way.
24) I get to see my family from far away because it’s my birthday month.
25) This year I got the ultimate gift for my birthday – a sense of who I am, and who I could be.
26) The color orange is everywhere!!! I ♥ orange! (yes, this one is there twice.)

[My birthday is the 26th so there are 26 reasons!]

In the Calm Night


After that frenzy, that madness
That whole day in turmoil
Because someone tried to steal my information
I sat on the phone assessing the situation
Then exhaustion assaulted my body
But also great relief
The real humor:
I had joked about hackers the previous night
Like a fool
Lesson Learned

In the calm night
I watched Halloween Wars in peace
I ate my bacon cheese burger on a pretzel bun with glee
And in the calm night
The Chiefs play
I sit contently and pray
And slowly I drift off to sleep
In the calm night



I feel it pulsing in my veins
So to break its chains
I will sing, dance, prance
I will try something new
I will be scared out of my wits
But I will not quit
Until I smash Monotony dead
Find something extraordinary in an ordinary day
And I will be living
Instead of just alive

Dance with me


Dance with me
Romance with me
Don’t just stand
Hold my hand
Take us both into a far off land
Twirl me around
Dip me to the ground
We will succeed
I will follow your lead
I will step on your toes
That’s just the way it goes
When the music changes to a slow song
Hold me firm but gentle for so long
Next time the music plays
We can dance for hours that spill into days
What do you say?

Your Eyes (Part 2)


Because we met at an event 

That was so very far away

And we live in different cities anyway 

I thought my feelings would just melt like snow

But no  

I wonder with all my might

With an internal fight

That I’m giving into because I can’t fight it, it’s too powerful 

Feelings I’m listening to because of your eyes 

your glittering shimmering eyes

So I hope 

In the deep heart I have

So prepared to love and be loved

I can see you

One more time 

(Again and again)