Windows of Myself


Broken, Clipped Frames
Casting Shadows
Peeking through cracks of light
Shimmering, illuminating my
Face of pain

Hiding behind shards
Until the moment of pain will pass
Surrounded by a mass
Of darkness at night
The pain swallows me
Feels me with fright

Through the window
Your glorious face appears
My pain instantly melts, disappears
Because I know you unconditionally accept
The Windows of myself


Your arms


I want that hug that once encompassed my body back. Those hugs that ignited such deep feelings of love. Every time I hugged you, I never wanted to release you from my arms. I miss your smile so terribly. All the tears I’ve shed don’t seem to put distance between my reality and those memories. I want to feel your arms around me so badly that it hurts my skin. I want you to come to my house and tell me you’ve changed your mind. Instead I dream. Usually I dream I’ve met someone and we are in a budding romance. There is flirting and nervousness followed by a calm like in all new relationships. But if I think of the last time I felt ecstasy, I remember your arms.