Love’s First Kiss


I fell so hard
Caught completely off guard
The harder I fell
The deeper the spell

I am tumbling
My fingers are fumbling
Grasping at the air
As I stare
Unaware of what happens next

When we made cookies
You were so near to me
Your mischievous smile I could see
My heart then filled with glee

The more time we spend together
My feelings grow
And now you know
What happens going forward
Is yet to be seen
And I hope that I am not remiss
To hope for what could be Love’s first kiss

When we meet…


It’s been only a week since your entered my life.
I like that you joke
You poke fun at things
My heart sings
Because it’s cute
My heart gleams
When you write sweet dreams
Everything is so new
But the one thing that is true
Is that I won’t know
Until I’ve met you
So far you are funny, kind, understanding, and charming
I find my quick feelings of affection towards you slightly alarming
I don’t want to fall too hard to fast
But somehow in my heart, I know you’ll catch me
I hope you are who I dream you to be
When I see you and you see me
I can see you walking towards me in my mind
And I hope a wonderful encounter full of laughter, joy and fun isn’t far behind.

Please don’t be reckless with my heart


I’m just so scared of getting hurt
I wipe my cold tears on the sleeve of my shirt
I am so sad that I’m all alone
So I begin to quietly groan
My heart it just breaks
I don’t know what it will take
When everything is at stake
I want to be loved, can you see
But every time I loved it ended tragically
Isn’t there anyone out there
Who would love me without a care
Who would love with reckless abandon
But not be reckless with my heart
It’s been put back together so many times
If it tears apart
Again and ruptures
I think it would be beyond repair
So as I prepare for another Christmas
I ask of you, the man I will love
Could you love me unconditionally
And hold me tight
Protect me, care for me with all your might?
I would love you so deeply
So sweetly and completely
On this cold December morning
I’m filled with both fright and delight
That maybe one day someone might
Not be reckless and tear my world apart
And be the one who steals me away heals my ailing heart

When Crumbling Hearts can wait no Longer


Indescribable pain
Flows steadily through my veins
Someone is working
Freaky voodoo
Or some possible curse
But my heart burns like a wound
Blessed with salt for good measure
For crumbling hearts can wait no longer

It seems now that everyone, er
That there is always a girl better than me
For my potential romance
I hope I’m good enough soon
For crumbling hearts can wait no longer

I don’t want to be exquisite anymore
I just want to be loved by someone
Eyes now brimming with tears
I say this
Love is never wasted
Only misguided
I need an arrow to guide me
Perhaps me he will be remarkable
A soft smile, tall
Eyes that always tell you something
A strong-willed funny
Understanding, patient
Willing to sacrifice
Someone who I care about so much
That nothing would come between us
Because crumbling hearts can wait no longer

Tousle my hair, caress my neck
Explain to me why sometimes we let things go
The sight of him stops conversation, and makes a smile grow

How about this?
We’ll meet for coffee and
Laugh at well something mildly amusing
Oh yes and kiss,
Well there’s a first time for everything
And that would be a start

Your Eyes


They were introducing us to everyone
And I was fairly calm
Until I saw your eyes
You have a beautiful smile
I cannot tell lies
But there is nothing more beautiful
Than your sparkling, intense eyes
We talked about football
We talked about the young happy couple
We talked about so many things
In the end
Weeks later
When I feel particularly calm
And hold my thoughts tight
I remember how your eyes sparkled
That warm September night