Empty promises and full pockets

For him not the American people!

Never Trump!

A nightmare it will be

It already is

The America that would be his

Would be ours no more

He doesn’t care about anything but his bottom line

He doesn’t know how to run a country

And he is constantly belittling everyone

Man, woman, and child of every race and religion alike

A racist on a rant,

Let’s stop this now.



Concussion: The struggle with an unfortunate truth


As a devoted football fan (go Bears!) of many years, I have often wondered about the other side of the sport displayed as tough but as described in the film, “Shakespeare”. I adore the roar of the crowd and the thrill of a close game. Sunday is my special day for pregame and many games after that: I feel happiness and a part of something.  Football floods me with joy and I was hesitant to see this film. 

When I saw a trailer for concussion, I knew I had to witness the truth and face it. Based on a true story I had never heard, I was worried. My greatest worry: I would stop watching football. 

The movie was so unexpected and had incredible life lessons and not giving up, even when a “company that owns a day of the week” is who you are battling. Will Smith gives the performance of a lifetime. Beyond his new accent and demeanor perfectly executed, the character Bennett discovers something odd in a legendary football player in Pittisburg where he works as a coroner. His findings and demands for the truth drive him to play ball with the whole country in hopes he will be heard and lives will be saved as more players due young from a condition that Bennett gives a name to, the mystery broken wide open.  The NFL did not do an adequate job with this issue. Alec Baldwin plays a team doctor for the Steelers that leaves his job to aid in Bennett’s quest. Will Smith’s love interest encourages him to fight.

I really admire courage to speak up when everyone wants to shut you down and furthermore threatens your life. This is a special story about the American Dream, one man’s journey to reveal an inconvient truth about a glamorous sport. Watch Consussion. Whether you watch football or not, you will come away with an amazing set of lessons. Maybe you will fear football afterwords, I hope you don’t. 

I still plan to watch football, but with a more careful eye and sense of awareness.