Sweet lullabies of love


I pull on my Valentine’s Day sweater with care

The one with different colored lipstick kisses that makes me smile

I paint my nails a deep red

I send out wishes to all my family

I eat my oatmeal

Love my body with goodness

That’s my Valentine’s Day

I am grateful that I have so much love in my life

And one day soon

I will swoon

Over him

And my Valentine’s Day

Will include a romantic dinner

Roses or lilies

And most importantly

Someone that loves me with their entire heart

We will cuddle we will kiss

The won’t be a hint that I miss

We will romance

We will dance

We will appreciate the little things

We will hear our hearts sing

Sweet lullabies of love


Beautiful Thing


Enveloped by your arms
By your heart
By your body
By your soul
Enveloped by your comfort
By your smile
By your eyes
By your overwhelming love for me
We connect into one
It’s beauty
It’s a
Beautiful Things

Star crossed lovers


There is no harm in star crossed lovers

Their story must be told

There is no harm in them

Because they are so bold

Their bravery and courage

And fierce hope instead

Of fear and despair

They minds haven’t been read

Because they trust each other

You cannot never tear them apart

Because these star crossed lovers

Well they share one heart

Is it human nature to desire more?


Silent early Sunday mornings

I sit all alone and I ponder

Sipping warm coffee

My mind begins to wonder

I’m drawn back to my dream

All though I only recall fragments

I know in it your face did gleam

I wonder about football

I wonder about war

I think about the game and who will score

I think about devastation of fire and ice destroying our nation

I would if I can take it anymore

My mind racing with these thoughts

I hope it slows but it will not

I ponder death and immortality

I ponder what it will be like when I have a family

What will my husband be like

Will he be the man of my dreams

Will he be kind and understanding

And loving and respectful

And a good father?

Will my children grow up happy and healthy?

Will I be a good mother?

Think about a garden

Think about a place

Where I’m not crying with tears burning up my face

About movies and romance

About whether or not I have a chance

Of a happy ending of my own

I wonder about God

About a job

About an apartment

About life after college

And when it will go my way

I should be grateful with what I have today

But is it human nature to desire something greater

To think about what you might want later

I am happy but I’m not content

I feel like I’ve spent

Too much time

And I want to spend the present and future

In a way that I’ll gain

All the dreams created by my sometimes awesome brain

I hope they are tears of joy …


Cold, salty, and hopelessly wet

Doused with deep regret

No I can’t stop them yet

From falling down my face

Nothing can replace

The feeling when I felt safe with you

The feeling was strong and true

You betrayed me like all guys do

But I know you’re not all like that

I know you’re not all to blame

I know that my ex wanted to partake in a love game

My heart shattered into three

I’ll glue it back just you wait and see

I’ve healed almost all the way

So today I say

It no longer controls me

The next times they come

Pouring down my face

I hope they are tears of joy

That I met the man no one could ever replace

Only human


I feel horrible pain

I feel close to insane

It’s harming my brain

I weep

My heart leaps

I fall and bleed but

I often succeed

I smile and nod

I wonder about God

I run 5 miles

That makes me smile

I sometimes hike

I ride my bike until I take flight

I unite friends

The fun never gets ends

I eat

I wash my entire body what a feat

I think I dream

I feel pain physically and emotionally

I’m only human

Could you love this young woman

Who you seem to think

Is invincible

But really

Hurts like everyone else

Because I’m only human

Despite what you think

Eventually we all sink

To the level that we are

That we are meant to be

I may be strong and capable of wonder

Realize this please

And then we can both be at ease

That I’m only human

I see


I’ve been so blind

For a very long time

I’ve had my vision

But I haven’t actually seen

Until I met you

And with your kindness, humor, joy, and unconditional love

You changed me

Fundamentally my fibers are transforming

For the first time

In my life

I can honestly say

The world is so vivid

Colors are so bright

My soul is delighted

Because unlike before

Before I knew what life had in store for me

But now you changed that with your special ways

Now my life is forever different

For the better

Because now

For the first time in my life

For the very first time

I can actually see