Ode to Bella, this Special Soul


Ode to a person that gave me a chance to be from the beginning
She never judged, just listened to whatever I had to say, and she actually cared I could tell
To a person that went with me to the hospital and stayed the entire time
You barely knew me, but you spent a day where you could be doing anything else – with me
Ode to sitting on the table in front of Shimer amongst the fall leaves and spilling so much suffering
I felt so calm because of your demeanor
To finding out you and I share similar pain and no judgment
Shock in my power to talk openly and cope, and not wanting anyone’s pity
Ode to the park in Bridgeport that flooded me with joy, and somehow I know you knew I’d been happy here
Ode to my temptation that takes me to magical places
Ode to your dorm room, a calm place in an uncalm world
To your silky hair and your purple sweater known by a better name…
To your stones and that store
Ode to respecting my beliefs and never laughing at me
Thank you for giving me a place to stay many times when things were dark
Ode to showers at 5am (because I was up) and makeovers at 7 (because you are kind)
You made me realize I was beautiful, I always knew but you showed me.
You put down my hair and my world changed.
Ode to perspective and caring
Ode to my spirit animal – Bella