Ode to Crying


This is an ode to crying, like in the blazing sun

In a world where

Emotions are a mask for

The true one

While sadness is

Hard to diagnose,

Even though you can feel it in your bones

Thanks crying for being an obvious red flag

That something’s wrong

Out of place

Lost for a while

Or perhaps lost in time or space

Crying, you show courage

Even though you are humiliated, mocked

Keep on crying

Give it all you’ve got

Bottle it up, and then explode

For when people

Go into a lasting shock

Thank you crying for your

Salty appeal

For the wounds

You rip open,

Close shut, and miraculously heal.

Everyone has unique cry

It is a part of them as shy as they could

About it







Vary from a quiet sob

To wailing eardrum crushing…

Crying is an art –

Painting a picture

For the dumb, oblivious,

And the smart

That she loved him from the start

Now she is mangled in knots,

Broken apart

He sees her breakdown,

Take that cell phone

Aqua razor

And break it to bits

Like hitting it with a tazer

But she just flung it against the wall

Creating a sound of breaking metal

And an expression on the fall

The fall on this face

It ends now he decides

They reside each alone

The sadness in her heart

Now presides in his too

That’s what crying can do,

Bring out the best or worse in you

Crying you’ve teamed up with shaking

And lost contact with privacy

I have a bruise the shape of a baseball

From shaking and crying,

I expect an apology from you

But weeping, crying

When I can’t stop

Starting to burst, pop

Then you’ve gone too far.

I know I have to paint the picture

But break eardrums to, sounds like someone

Just lacerated and murdered my soul.

That’s something we could work

On me and you

Less crying,

More laughing?



I want to feel and be real
I do know I’m not made of steel
My body hurts
Collapses in the dirt
My body reels
my skin peels
lays of pain
there is no gain
I want to be allowed to feel pain or joy
Whichever it is
I want the choice not the chains
Not the restrictions locked on my brain
I want to laugh freedom
Or cry discreetly

But I want to feel and be real about it