The Forbidden Staircase


The forbidden staircase : by Maria Pondo

I walk it everyday
I walk the forbidden path
I am practically crucified for what I can’t change
I walk this spiraling staircase alone
I walk with no railing
I walk and when I fall I leap up     I dust myself off, ice the bruises
I walk this perilous path
I walk to freedom
I walk for fresh air to fill my lungs
I walk to an education
I walk to find true love
I walk for books I love and coffee I adore
I walk a new life where I discovered my strengths
I walk this path of joy
But it is a forbidden case of stairs to me so I walk quietly
And sometimes I walk it alone.
I walk with my head up and a heavy heart.
I walk hoping to help others so we can walk together, never alone.
I walk because of the journey.
I walk for the wing in my hair
And the silent hope that the love of my life is traveling the same staircase not far behind…