I must have called a thousand times… At the theater: A movie goers nightmare 


I excitedly went to see The Revenant, but was so bothered by the man next to me who was on his phone the entire time. The blue flash of light irratied me to no end. I was fuming and unsure how to proceed. I managed to fall in love with this film and its message. The scenes were stunning. It was not easy, but the movie was so beyond incredible. The cell phone was a nightmare, glowing in my peripheral vision. It’s such a small thing but it’s incredibly inconsiderate. Why take a relaxing time and make it stressful for someone who is there for fun?

I hope next time I am able to speak up for myself or simply move. Either option is good, but I was nervous to confront someone. Were they possibly unaware of their actions?

 However, I think out of respect to everyone else, if you want to play on your phone for three hours, don’t come to the theater and ruin it for someone who has been so excited to see the movie. Put down you phone and enjoy the life happening right in front of you! So excited to have that escape, that rush of the movie. Just don’t go to the theater if you can’t be respectful, as it is truly unfair to someone trying to have an experience and enjoy life. 

The Stone


I’m on a bench at Wilson Park.
The sun is my glistening comfort.
It’s windy. Again.
Someone told me wind is cleansing.
A woman is stepping on the woodchips
In a somewhat delicate yet haphazard fashion.
Near the swings where I just was.
I am listening to a voice mail.
It’s Jen. We keep missing each other.
Her Halloween party is tomorrow! (so is Halloween.)
“Have you seen a phone today? I lost it yesterday.”
This is my son Grammy. (I was annoyed. But not at this woman. Just at life. But I stopped for a
I press star.
“No. Did you lose it here?”
“Yesterday. During Grammy’s game.”
Her name is Kathy. His name is Gram.
He is in 7th grade. He is fun to talk to, not shy.
“I am not doing anything. I can help you look. Where were you?”
“She is going to help us look!”
I tell her I am out on a walk which I am.
“My twin loses things all the time.”
I pull out a photo I Intended on glimpsing at and now it serves a better purpose.
She also lost a silver make up bag. Hundreds of dollars worth.
Two mascaras. $30 each.
Those are in the bathroom. These are different ones she replies.
Two lipsticks. A lip gloss. Eye shadows he asks? No.
This kid really cares about his mom and he isn’t shy about it.
I like this kid.
I wonder why one needs all this at a soccer game.
We find an old red bike pump that I keep.
We look and low and behold a hot pink miracle in the park.
It is like we found a mystical orb, or the Rosetta stone.
Or the Sorcerer’s Stone. (Because I did not want to use her phone, only find it)
But it is merely the stone we have been looking for in the green green grass
The common looking for a missing cell phone turns into camaraderie.
I tell them I do not care much for it but I know it can be expensive. Gram smiles when I say I like watching football and the Bears.
Gram tells me about the movie Red. About all the gun shots that woke him up.
I say, “I love Bruce Willis!”
And about three guys that wanted to “batter” him at the park.
“My mom told them to get the F away.”
“I did not.”
I’m walking home now.
Someone that told me wind is cleansing was right.
I call Jen.