Ode to quiet mornings


I quickly awake
My glasses I take
From a large stack of books
As I take a long look
And the current time
And I feel sublime
I leap out of bed and turn on my lamp near my head
I proceed to think of what to wear while I make my bed
Yes, I make it every single day
Because I prefer it that way
I organize clothes and clutter
Whatever tune I want, I quietly mutter
No one else is even awake
So full advantage of that, I take
I go and recognize the quiet I have for hours
Summoning my greatest powers
I take a quick shower
I make delicious coffee
I begin listening to music
And writing some new poetry
Whatever comes to me
In the corners of my mind
I find peace and calm
I do not have a single qualm
About how long it took
To read that book
Okay, it was only 3 or 4 days
I like to read faster anyways
I manage my pace
As I embrace
This truly serene space
I think about all things
That can, are, or may be happening
This is how I prepare for my day
Ode to quiet mornings
May you forever in my heart and mind stay
You bring forth a serene and joyous, boundless, happy new day


Ode to coffee


From the moment you touch my lips

It’s a special thing; I can barely hold my grip

You feel the air with joy and love

You’re truly a gift from God above

When I pour you into my cup

I quietly and quickly drink you up

I cannot get enough of you

Oh coffee, how I love thee

When I wake up

Or when I’m stressed

You will always know me best

A cup of you will pass my test

And no matter my qualm

After I ingest you I am calm

Your silky brown color

Your wondrous smell

Not a fiber of my being do you repel

It’s heaven when I walk into a room

That’s filled to the brim with your sweet perfume

A cup of coffee is all I need

To be happy, yes indeed

I have special moments with my mom and you

When we drink you together, our fun is simple but true

So no matter how bad my day

A coffee in my hand and it won’t stay that way

Ode to coffee

You’re so simple but so complex

I don’t know what will happen next

My future is one great mystery

But with coffee, I know the best thing will be

My love and I sipping a nice cup of it

That is something that hasn’t happened yet

Coffee lead the way

Although life is about changing, coffee please never go too far away

Forever in my heart, please stay

Snuggling calmly thinking of coffee


I sit still, quietly and I say

The coffee I made is so far away

Today I will relax and be calm

Today I will not have a qualm

Today I currently snuggle under the softest, most luxurious blanket

Today will be great because I will truly make it

My coffee is still so far away

I will get up and get it anyway

The blanket so warm and comfy against my harsh cold skin

It’s letting all the soothing warmth and comfort sink in

I feel content to sit and think

Am I willing to lose my comfort

To retrieve my drink?

Ode to Pain


Agony pain burning fires
In my brain
In my body
In my heart
I can’t put the fire out
Water doesn’t work
I thought I could drown it in tears
But that increases the flames
Like my tears are gasoline
I thought I could suffocate it
With my sweater
But instead
It suffocates me.
Smoke, fire, flames bursting through my heart.
Suddenly a dangerous explosion
My heart’s a million tiny pieces
Shattered, scattered
I finally put the fire out
Superhuman strength appears
I say no more as the music blares
Strong resolve to survive
but the damage of the fire
It is overwhelming
It’s burning pain I can still feel
The shock of the smoke
Collapses my lungs
The sadness of joy turned into sparks
Sparks of absolute agony
The fire was uninviting torture
Torture and hell
Truly it was the deepest level of hell
I felt pain in places I didn’t know I could
Now the charred remains will get off this train
After class
After talking to Ethan
After help from Heidi
After wisdom from Janet and Glendalyn
After tea with Bella
I walk to go shower
My charred self
Recovering what I can
Abandoning the rest
And recalling how high the flames got

And praying that no one can hurt me that deeply again…
Knowing they could.
Off to shower, drink coffee and pretend everything is fine.
Until it is.

Ode to Coffee


At first try I disliked your taste

What a fool I was then

Was I out of my mind?

Then a large change on a normal day

One day, at 22 I remember thinking

I should make a huge cup of coffee

I don’t know if I was tired, bored, distracted, or inspired

Thinking back, I was inspired

Somehow, the biggest cup available was pulled out the lazy susan

And as I poured hot water into the coffee and sugar

There was some magic in the air

And when the coffee was made

And since I took a sip I’ve never quite had my fill

Ode to coffee

Your strong, remarkable, blessed aroma

Makes me smile every time I inhale, I feel calm

It’s my greatest love and the start to a great day

Coffee you are the epitome of, “it’s the little things in life”

And you drive me forward with joy and a jolt. A treat and I’m on my way.

Ode to Coffee

For making small talk

For making coffee dates with friends

Your impeccable flavor

It, I savor

Glory from heaven above

It’s a cup of coffee I’d love

Church Consideration…”Dust off your heart and take it for a spin” (- Andy Grammar)


This morning I “dusted off my heart and took it for a spin”

I haven’t talked much about my faith on this blog

I am Roman Catholic and look to my faith often for guidance

However, I also respect all others of other faiths or no faith

It’s about you as a person, not your particular faith that shows your heart ❤

But today I had trouble waking up

Finally I rose

I showered, made my bed

Gathered the laundry and my thoughts

Darn! I missed the ten o’clock mass

Well, wait, there’s one at noon

When my dad came home

A light bulb moment

There’s mass at noon

The song starts and I rush in

Right on time

I sing, I express my faith in feeling

The rest was me, one with God in my heart

In love and faith

I want to dust off my heart and take it for a spin…

Cup of heaven


I overslept!

Sleep was a lovely thing 

Techincally, you can’t oversleep on a Sunday

I meant to go to mass this morning 

I will go with my parents this evening 

Instead I sip, I smile deep, I enjoy

My second cup of heaven

The gentle breeze from the perfect summer morning 

Is coming from my window

I breath the air and I sip

I’m sipping my coffee

And this grin appears

It’s my cup of heaven