A new success, a new hope is near


In April I became a college graduate

It was truly a challenge

But I never once quit

No matter the challenge I never gave up

Of course there were times where I had enough

And sometimes I wouldn’t even know why

I would shut down, break down and cry

But all the fears

From all those years

Melted away

As I made my way

Across the stage

And as I grabbed my diploma

I turned the page

Wild success

I wore my new dress

Because I have backed down

I knew that with my illness

There was a greater fight

I worked tirelessly every day and every night

I kept a schedule and I slept

I achieved my goal of my greatness goal which was a degree

Now the job struggle is real

Sometimes I think I cannot deal

But I recall all the things I did to get here

And I now a new success, a new hope is near

If I work hard, prayer harder, and think smarter

I will have a new chapter appear

I didn’t work so hard just to quit

I am a woman of sharp wit

So I will buckle down and no matter what happens now

I vow that I will

Keep on going and more still

When I fail and fall I will get back up

Dust myself off, ice the bruises

Because Maria Pondo never loses

While fighting the good fight

And while doing that my heart will ignite!

A poster with color


A poster with a color
A white poster
Blue glitter or orange
A border design

If it’s fun you seek
After a long week
For a cold wintry night…

Come March 7
To orange horse
It will be a delight

Ode to my English Class: Enormous Wings and Things to Carry


Ode to Gadies and Lettermen

To sitting across from a complete stranger on August 26th

And reading “Hills like White Elephants”

Ode to Nicole the page princess

Ode to Liz Marie the 1st spiritual leader, blunt and fierce

To the chalkboard and that darn desk that is always loose

To the window that displays only a moment in time

Ode to Civil Peace, Building fires, and Sweat

Ode to living out a Saturday night live skit

For drinking water, coffee, or chocolate milk

And listening to Nick’s wise insight about a story

Or simple pride to say he man handles things

Ode to Ben for declaring a boy becomes a man at age 13

Ode to McKenzie for her insight during The Guest,

Choosing structure over freedom

Ode to Spencer for history lessons and beer critiques

To greasy lakes and Open Boats

Ode to Patrick’s memorable quote about what the blind actually see

To Paul’s open-mindedness – thank you for truly diving into the stories

And seeing so many details, giving us so much to think about

Ode to Scriveners, yellow wallpaper, red convertibles and rocking horses

Ode to Liz for being so peaceful, calm amongst the storm

To Megan for having her i-pod and head on straight, sitting in the back, a buffer

To Brian’s skepticism and humor and baseball caps

Ode to Vlad’s indifference and Antonio’s ability to answer

Questions on the flip of a dime when all seems lost

To Nell, my lucky ninja for sharing her frustration of violent video games

During the things we carried discussion

We all sat there quietly, I tried to imagine it but I just lost myself in realizing

We are not as desensitized as we may think

I foolishly went on and on talking like I had some right others didn’t

I apologize for my loudness and my annoying at times presence.

My many tangents

I apologize for calling foul and pounding on the table like the child

In The use of Force

Ode to Bill for reading

And always being able to say from beginning to end what happened

Ode to Mielas for pointing out the great depression and discussing Native Americans

Ode to chrysanthemums, happy endings, greasy lakes, cathedrals, and the guest

To Desiree’s baby and the newborn thrown…

Ode to Megan’s Solace on the side

Ode to Elly’s grace, glasses, giggle and spot on analysis

This is my Ode to Professor Davros for listening to what ever we

Had to say and for taking jokes with a gram of salt

For coming to class and getting a migraine no doubt

But for absorbing all of our babble into something that makes sense

We sit transfixed, bedazzled.

Some loud, some quiet

Some laughing some texting

Some tired, others pumped for discussions

Ode to Occurrences at Bridges, Necklaces, and Real Things

We came as ordinary people and learned where we are

And where we have been

Leaving my desk and chair I emerge towards the door, and stand realizing

“I prefer not to.”

(Memories from a great class, a poem I found that I’d like to share)

This gem of happiness I touch


To happily exist on this beautiful piece of earth: what Shimer means to me💝
💜(What Shimer means to me)💜

When I feel scared on the train 

When I feel angry because of fights that corrode my nights

about a condition that they pretend to understand- I say stop, you don’t. 
When I feel angry being judged by my clothes, earrings, or shoes or head band or my jacket 

Instead of my character 

I remember with hope in my heart that soon I’m leaving to Shimer 

I remember that it’s different here. 

I remember that it’s not perfect but it’s my safe haven
I have my classes where there is compassion and a real understanding I joke openly and honestly with friends, true friends 

I laugh and sip my coffee and smile.

We struggle through essays, shimer plagues, and meetings together, helping one another. 

A United front.

I rejoice at the freedom to be exactly as I am never reduced to something I’m not, and liked for who I choose to be.
I go back home. I try to articulate my point and am met with adversity on the car ride home and instantly I want to go back.

I want to go back to feeling whole.

I fall silent and rush downstairs where there is my music, my books, and me. 

The Giver and Taylor Swift and Avril Lavenge and Hamlet and F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

In that moment there is no comfort.

Sometimes we get along and I don’t understand why we ever fight. 

Everything is suddenly kind and relaxed. A euphoria.

There is kindness, 22 years of history in this home. 

Until I ask a question or say the wrong thing. Then I get up off the couch, I fold my blanket and go to bed with tears rolling down my face that I quickly wipe away.
The next morning is Wednesday I will be at Shimer all day and then there is assembly.

People grumble about the morning as I make coffee, a tiny cup and iron my crisp white shirt. I have my lunch made and backpack ready. I’m ready to leave. This time Im meeting the yelling about being late with kind words. I offer my help.

I recognize taking the good and bad is key. 
But, then there is this miracle.

This gem of happiness that I touch 

With my soul as

The moment I step into the building something inside me changes. 

A sense of calm sweeps over me.

My friends and teachers are just beyond those steps. Open lounge where I eat my breakfast is right there. My world is that floor and its inhibiates.

Here I am free to think, to say, to want, to be. To more than exist.

That is what Shimer means to me.