You are the reason


Everyday I wake
A huge breath of fresh air I take
I think about you when I am up
Colliding thoughts of us
I make such a fuss
Of showering, brushing teeth, cleaning the house
But when I think of you
I’m calm
It washes over me like a calming wind
Because I know in my heart
The reason I smile all the time
The reason I jump out of bed
The reason I’m myself
Or a better version of myself
The reason I’m giddy
I’m a million things at once
I’m a wild rush
I’m madly in love
I’m a mess
But I’m happy
I hope you are too
Because I love who I am
And You
You are the reason


Under this Great Divide


Drifting away
Nowhere to stay
All it does is rain
But I cannot complain
Under the tree
Just you and me
Watching the trees sway
To and fro
Listening to the whistling wind blow
My head meets your shoulder
Our lives collide
Under this great divide
And I saw sparks