Watch the prisms spin


Spinning thoughts

Envelope my mind

Hard pressed to think

Of rational thoughts

I think of dancing prisms

I think of a different time

I think of a different place

Spinning thoughts

Envelope my mind

Hard pressed to think

So I enjoy today

I make coffee, read my book, watch shameless, thank God for my blessing

And watch the prisms spin

Just a little while longer


Dark blue


Long day of




Phone calls






Deep breath

Need air

I take a step outside

I feel a rush of welcome cold

And it’s dark blue

The sky’s the perfect shade of dark blue

Colorless Ideas Dream Furiously


Colorless ideas dream furiously
Minds collide, rendering me senseless
Hope is a fleeting feeling
My stumbling heart
Sends my reeling
Fracturing my senses
Shattered me
Gushing blood streams
Touch, Smell, Taste, Hearing and Vision
Seem quite impossible since that collision
Colorless ideas dream furiously
Minds collide

I open my eyes
Only to be engulfed
But something in the distance
Hope or Despair
I don’t care
No more being numb
I just want any feeling
Because I’d rather feel pain
Then nothing at all
Colorful ideas dream happily
Minds collide, rendering me wide awake

I will bridge the gap.


In an ominous sea of black, I a magenta tulip, float to the surface and defy everything. There amongst the conformists and those who fear different, I stand erect and I prove that color is lacking in this world using the brightest one in my arsenal. I will bridge that gap. I walk through the sea and I part it with my magenta being. I grin because I flood the world with color. And the world could definitely use some color…

Satin Black (Walking on Christmas Eve)


The collection of Stars
Was not Midnight Blue
The trees encompassing us Reinz Green
The lights Lipstick Red
My father said “Give me your hand”
I walked across the ice and into the grass
A wall, now night, completely covered in Studs
There were haunting glints on the forest, quite distinct
My father and I spoke briefly about the food
And the wine (neither of us cared for the wine)
The forest was frozen Reinz Blue and Rice Brown
Now it was too dark on the path
“I don’t have my flashlight!”
“We don’t need one” he said with laughter
About the sky he sang songs
In Polish and I sang with him

“Wait look” I whisper and tug his jacket.
“Look at it” I say gasping
The North Star was the only one I could name
The Big Dance
But I loved all the little ones
Which are obviously gargantuan
They were infinite
I didn’t want anything
Didn’t want warmth
I didn’t want a shooting star
Although my father mentioned a telescope
I mentioned buying a family star that’s at least nine hundred years old
Because there are nine of Us
I wanted but could not explain
To my father what the fabric was in Polish

And as we continued listening to nature
And seeing the world frozen for the year
The marvel of evergreens
The lights
The sand and the lingering burning odors
Of someone doing something curious
I knew one thing For a fact
Too bad this would not be on the math test
I knew
The sky
It was
Satin Black

Ode to Eyes


Oh eyes
Azure, chestnut, hazel, green
Red, irritated, lighting up the scene
Although a mouth can lie deceit
Eyes tell it bluntly, complete

Oh Eyes
The way you long for colors prisms
For beauty or disaster
I praise you for both
The tears running faster

Oh eyes, I decorate you
With a rich pink
Or pale blue or nude eye shadow
Only other throw on eyeliner, mascara, and more
Giving girls many trips to the store

Oh eyes
They’re what I fell in love with first
Although now I believe love to be cursed
Because although I try to let go
Your chestnut eyes won’t let me do so

Oh eyes
You help memory process events
Pretty people in pretty cars
Lost love, lust, movie stars
Or just someone trying to have something to live for.