The same stars


We are so far away
But odd comfort I find
That you and I share one sky
We share the same stars


We want love


It doesn’t have to end this way
All the sweet nothings you had to say
That meant everything
You made my heart sing
And a Christmas Wish
I will always cherish
You said those three words
I had never heard
We are so far away
We have such different views on life
We have such different lives
Do we have the same views on what counts?
It doesn’t have to end this way
We have the same fundamental similarity
We want love

Distance: The Finale


It’s been over 11 years
Despite my greatest fears
That she’s gone so far away
At home she cannot stay
I miss her laughter and her grin
And to my great chagrin
I miss just walks with her through the neighborhood
She’s moved out and happy as can be
And me?
I’m so happy she found true love and joy
She is not a toy
To be passed around
To just toss to the ground
She’s a human being and through thick and thin
She truly loves me
She’s my sister, my twin
And together we will always win
So although distance separates us we are never really apart
Because we are bond together by the love in our heart

Distance Part 2


It’s hard when she away from me
With a great deal of difficulty
I carry on each passing night
Blue with sadness terror fright
Sometimes I hear her laughing down the hall
I chase the sound until I run into a wall
Everything reminds me of our insides jokes
Clothing movies and tedious pokes
To make me smile when it won’t do
Instead my eyes carry a dark hue
I need her here and she can’t be near
I whimper in silence
I wallow in pain
But she’s someone else
Somewhere else
Despite my every prayer
I stare at an empty door
Cold, empty, as much as I can bear
I stare
Superimpose her image on every flitting object
But it does not a lick of good
To see only pictures, and as cherished as memories
They may be
I need her real body soon
Real person in flesh and blood
I’ll meet her with a rhyme
One thing I’ll do differently,
I won’t let her go anywhere THIS TIME.

Distance (Going back to being 18)


I just realized that the problem is
It’s not anything else.
It’s mostly and completely an issue of Distance
She’ll be hundreds of miles away …
You never let it bother you because everything you love
want is right here.
Right in front of you.
So close you can sense it!
So close you could touch it!
So close I could smell her mousse,
See her perfect smile, and hear her infectious laugh.
The best laugh I know!
For now.

When she goes away and she will go, she won’t stay.
It sounds selfish but why can’t she be here?
I mean she’s going far away.
Distance is worse Than DEATH.
Because the mortal torture of being away
hurts more than any death i say!
Instead I’m compelled to … cry.
This I cannot deny.
You all (as seniors) have someone this year
leaving you that you will miss,
but my twin and half my heart
is packing her bubble gum pink bags.
You know, with the Silver studs?
What do I do when she’s really gone?
Texting, calling, visits once a year.
Damn that to Hell.
I need her here



My greatest, strongest love
My deepest, darkest pain
So far apart
It hurts and burns my brain
To think how close we always were
In body and in spirit
To think how intensely I’m missing her
I go to sleep thinking of the day
We’ll sit together again some way
I’ll hold her in my arms
I’ll use my magic charms
To keep us together
It’s all I want all the time
No reason no rhyme
I love her
She is my twin and my whole heart
Without seeing her, it’s tearing at my soul
For only next to her do I feel whole.
It’s Distance.
But there is always my resistance.
I realize we grow up and we move as planned.
But across this land or across the sea.
I will find a way too see her and for her to see me.
I freely give up all gifts and toys and any other prize
Just to look her in the eyes and say how much I’ve missed her.