I wrote this for you


All the times I truly loved you
All the times I openly cried for you
All the times I internally died for you
All the times I playfully danced with you
All the times I quietly romanced with you
All the profound hope deep in my heart
All the horrific pain that tore me apart
All the pure love you gave to me
All the joy you handed me freely
All the sincerity, honesty, and kindness
You touched my soul so deeply
I don’t know whether to just smile or cry tears of ecstasy
That I am yours and you are mine
All the beautiful dreams I’ve had about you and I
All this I cannot deny
All those people in this remarkable world
All the time I am waiting to locate your being
All the time I’m trembling
Because although I haven’t met you yet
I wrote this for you.

Can I bottle up this evening and have it for eternity?


We sway slowly on the bench

In my backyard

The cool wind calms, cleanses our souls

No words, just together we sit in peace

You stroke my long hair and it stirs my senses

And so I turn my head, to face you

To stare into your most beautiful eyes

Once our eyes link

The rest is beyond (my) belief and my control

Suddenly you kiss me, and it intensifies I hold you closer than I ever have

And as I feel your kiss, tender and passionate

Reality and magical realms align

Twilight comes

You ask me if I’m cold, if we should go in

I have a question too

Can I bottle up this evening and have it for eternity?