At first light


I saw your eyes
When you awoke from our night
Usually you are up first
I found you asleep
I stay still
Until you eyelashes flutter
And your eyes open
They smile
And we collapse
Our joy visible
At first light



A piano plays softly now
We meet in the middle somehow
Our bodies touch, and suddenly
In this world it will be just you and me.
Nothing sexual or rough
Your hands not tough but soft
Are on my waist
My eyes meet your eyes
That was a pleasurable surprise
As your penetrating stare becomes
One of longing, of pure love
I glimpse into a heavenly paradise
Beautiful blue glamorous green
Compose this island-like scene
Long after the music has ceased
Moving slowly on a cloud
Not sexual or promiscuous or flashy
But a starry-eyed love
Please, don’t abandon me tonight
For along with your leaving leaves my light
I can’t risk never seeing heaven again
And only in our dance
Can it be found

Fickle Heartbeat


When you enter the room
I can sense it
When we make eye contact
I can feel it
It never wavers
It never falters
Your presence
Is the essence
Of a forever
Fickle heart beat
Faster and slower
My blood pressure
A rollercoaster
You may sense it
You may feel it
When I walk into a room
But until we speak
And the realization comes true
All I have
Are glimpses of happiness
And a fickle heartbeat
Beating for you

The Glow


The Glow we all know
The smile that goes on a mile
The grin for the win
Your eyes, gleaming with surprise
Your mischievous glance, your entire motion a dance
I reach out for an embrace
But you’ve got me beat
You hold me close
On a busy street
You don’t rush me outside
As it begins to snow
You know that I love it so
And I won’t want to go
As we walk the snow covered street
Your eyes meet mine
A private moment, a love divine
And the glow we all know
The smile that goes on a mile
Is the smile only you have
When you look at me
I never thought someone would look at me
The way that you do
You make it really easy
To be madly in love with you

I see


I’ve been so blind

For a very long time

I’ve had my vision

But I haven’t actually seen

Until I met you

And with your kindness, humor, joy, and unconditional love

You changed me

Fundamentally my fibers are transforming

For the first time

In my life

I can honestly say

The world is so vivid

Colors are so bright

My soul is delighted

Because unlike before

Before I knew what life had in store for me

But now you changed that with your special ways

Now my life is forever different

For the better

Because now

For the first time in my life

For the very first time

I can actually see

“Sometimes we feel like we want to disappear, but what we really want is to be found.”


Ever since I started talking to


I want to suddenly be found

Ever since I found your break taking poetry

Scattered across my screen

I’ve found peace

Ever since I’ve seen your stunning paintings, raw and intense

I’ve found calm

I don’t know much about you really

But through your various art I feel that in some tiny way that I do

Your piercing, beautiful blue eyes see right into my soul, or so I feel

How can any of this be real?

Until a few days ago I wanted to be lost

But although I’m in pain

Reflection of it

With you not just hearing me but really listening, really diving into meanings

I began to explore myself even more

It’s communication with you

That I adore

It’s hoping I can can see you paint and create those stunning strokes

And watch your imagination soar

I hope we can continue to do so

And maybe one day more

One day meet

To talk, to hear each other speak

As to not disappear without meaning but to find it by being found

Still Madly in Love


The delicate dreams

That slowly stream

Deep inside my mind

What did I find

I found you

All of this internal fighting

All this chaotic writing

This much is true

I’m still madly in love with you

I miss the way you smile

I miss the way you laugh with me

I miss how in the book store we stood so still and quietly.

I miss you soft gray sweater

I especially miss your voice

I don’t have a choice.

You’ve enchanted me heart and soul

I feel like I’ll never be whole

How I’ve tried to move on

I’ve tried to have this feeling gone

But still I cannot shake it

Even though my heart you did break it

I simply cannot understand

Why if all the man in the land

That my heart beats for you

I miss our conversations

I miss my jubilation

Whenever you were near

There was nothing that I could fear

I miss your stunning eyes

How they would take me by surprise

I miss being us just being together

Talking for hours that feels like it could be our forever

The most beautiful thing

Was how my heart would sing

How when you talked to me

I felt so calm, safe, and happy

Because of your time and care

I never once had a nightmare

What I miss most is your embrace

Holding me close so the world I could face

So no matter where I am

No matter what I do

It consumes me inside, but I know

I’m still madly in love with you