Between all of the awful things that keep happening I hope this is the last. I want the bad things to stop hitting me like a train. My body cannot get over the shock of one before the next one strikes. I need a break. It’s so much to happen at once. My soul is crumbling apart. Happiness, joy, love, and balance are hemorrhaging out of my system and bitterness, angry, and sadness are being sucked in their place. I want the good things back. It’s like when I was a little girl and I was drowning. My uncle got me out of the cold water but not before a good scare. This time the water is colder. It’s deeper and more vast and opaque. And I can’t keep my head above water. It is like there are weights attached to my legs hell-bent on filling my lungs with water and taking me away from Earth. I keep ripping them off but new ones lock on tight. No one can save me. I need to do this on my own. The weights off. And swim fly jump just get away. To happiness, joy, love, and balance.

Fly on little bird, Fly on


Shiver, shake, smash
Tremble, scurry, splash
Outside my window
A little bird
An innocent
Carefree little bird
Oh little bird
You know nothing of real troubles
You know nothing of real suffering
You moan a bit
You shrink down
You become silent
Perhaps I’ve misjudged you
Perhaps you feel pain
I couldn’t possibly understand
Perhaps you feel sorrow
Perhaps you ponder things too
So together we
Shiver, shake, smash
Tremble, scurry, splash
Our collective worries
Fly on, Little Bird, Fly on

The Illusionist


He says
I can make anything disappear.
I say
Try loneliness.
Well, he continues
I can make things fly.
I whisper
Try the human spirit.
He retorts
I can saw a man in half; pull a rabbit out of a hat.
How about pulling out desire? I say
I can pull a flower from your ear, he gasps.
Real love doesn’t work that way. I respond.
You can keep your tricks a secret.
Well, in reality the human race finds out.

I Fly


Walk inside

Lock up purse

Place headphones

Turn them up

Grab water

Step on to the elliptical

And  begin my run

Run the problems of the day away

I place on comfy socks

I lace up my favorite, now wore shoes

The laces  hot orange and bright

And while at the gym,

I push myself

I pick a channel to watch

Or a set of songs

And for that hour or longer

I fly