Ode to Friendship


You stand there in place
Like you just received a crushing slap to the face
When you entire day, life seems like it’s come to a bitter end
You go on forward and meet and unexpected friend
In this friend that you sudden see
In all of their wonder, how could this be?
The gears in the world begin to spin
And suddenly it’s not about if you win
Or if you lose
It is how you play and how you choose
Choose your friends and choose to lose
So this friend you haven’t spoken to
Suddenly decides to talk to you
You grew apart or so you thought
Now you realize what you bought into was untrue
And that that someone always cared for you
It’s remarkable that in your darkest day,
Is when you meet their excited hey
Your smile is immeasurable
Your heart pleasurable
Now you believe in happy endings too
And in everything you do
The conversation you had with your friend
Will be one that just had to end
Inside your memory bank it files
Unique against the discolored piles
It smiles back at you
When you remember
Last December and all the things as well
Every movie, dinner, and event
You spent to-gether
Not as anything other than friends
In this friend that you sudden see
In all of their wonder, how could this be?
God gave me a blessing big as the ocean, as vast as two
Like the two oceans I’d swim to relive those moments
The ones spent with you


The Stone


I’m on a bench at Wilson Park.
The sun is my glistening comfort.
It’s windy. Again.
Someone told me wind is cleansing.
A woman is stepping on the woodchips
In a somewhat delicate yet haphazard fashion.
Near the swings where I just was.
I am listening to a voice mail.
It’s Jen. We keep missing each other.
Her Halloween party is tomorrow! (so is Halloween.)
“Have you seen a phone today? I lost it yesterday.”
This is my son Grammy. (I was annoyed. But not at this woman. Just at life. But I stopped for a
I press star.
“No. Did you lose it here?”
“Yesterday. During Grammy’s game.”
Her name is Kathy. His name is Gram.
He is in 7th grade. He is fun to talk to, not shy.
“I am not doing anything. I can help you look. Where were you?”
“She is going to help us look!”
I tell her I am out on a walk which I am.
“My twin loses things all the time.”
I pull out a photo I Intended on glimpsing at and now it serves a better purpose.
She also lost a silver make up bag. Hundreds of dollars worth.
Two mascaras. $30 each.
“Those are in the bathroom.” “These are different ones,” she replies.
Two lipsticks. A lip gloss. Eye shadows he asks? No.
This kid really cares about his mom and he isn’t shy about it.
I like this kid.
I wonder why one needs all this at a soccer game.
We find an old red bike pump that I keep.
We look and low and behold a hot pink miracle in the park.
It is like we found a mystical orb, or the Rosetta stone.
Or the Sorcerer’s Stone. (Because I did not want to use her phone, only find it)
But it is merely the stone we have been looking for in the green green grass
The common looking for a missing cell phone turns into camaraderie.
I tell them I do not care much for it but I know it can be expensive. Gram smiles when I say I like watching football and the Bears.
Gram tells me about the movie Red. About all the gun shots that woke him up.
I say, “I love Bruce Willis!”
And about three guys that wanted to “batter” him at the park.
“My mom told them to get the F away.”
“I did not.”
I’m walking home now.
Someone that told me wind is cleansing was right.
I call Jen.

Our “Separate” Ways (throwback)


I was younger,

Still a girl

Too damn smart for my own good

(I still am)

Hard headed, thus walking a

Street named desire but

I walked this lonely

Road on my own, my ears

The only ones that heard

Of my breakdown


We were only fourteen then

When he found me in the Gold Gym

So lost in my secrets

I wonder how he managed to find me

And gave me the best advice I ever knew

Made me realize that it’s not just how much you love

But how much others love you

It was just a moment, and we bounced

The basketball a while

I liked his skills, he my style

And I swear he knew me better then I did

Created a smile after he found where I hid


Now he’s good for a hi

And a bye- eyes lingering for more

Unbalanced friendship

And nothing more

We walked in the same Maine East hallway

Our “separate” ways

Just like that, like we never met

The only things left are

Tattered photographs, scribbles in my yearbook,

And a letter of apology


Maybe one day

I will walk on that street again

And someone will catch me before I fall like he did

And set me free to fly (I can tell you one thing)

I’ll remember that day in the gym till I die

Worth the Wait: Wonder Woman, an inspiration! 


When I entered the theater to see Wonder Woman I didn’t know my expectations would be exceeded so much. This movie I declare as a remarkable hit and has great life lessons beyond the magic of the theater. The movie Wonder Woman was so inspirational and absolutely brilliant. I was completely blown away, from the beginning where young Diana begins her training to going to the front to save people from suffering in the world to end all wars once she grows up and is faced with real danger. Not just because it shows woman kick butt. But because of how the iconic character of Wonder Woman brought to life by Gal Gadot. The dialogue was really well done, and Chris Pine was able to create a great character in Steven. His pack of misfits that he brings on the journey are also well developed. The movie is packed with action and brilliant cinematography. The scenes with the bath from Diana’s native land, juxtaposed with the battle scenes later in the film show the remarkable range this movie has. It’s extremely witting, intelligent, and entertaining. She says, “I’m willing to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves”. In this way and many others, Diana shows cunning, caring, and strength. When she is questioned, she says “I am man.” This sends a powerful message to all women about the strength that we do have as women that we need to embrace and harass to make the world a better place. Just because we cannot save the world like Wonder Woman because we don’t have her powers, doesn’t mean we can’t still to great things as regular people making a difference as strong, courageous women. The work that is so often done by men is done by one woman in this movie, and it demonstrates how that can translate to real life. We need to ignore those who believe we can’t and prove them wrong with actions, like Wonder Woman does over and over. It goes without saying that I say, Wonder Woman is a 100% worth seeing! I give it two thumbs up!

The Power of Friendship, Realized


I thought we were friends

But suddenly you possibly threw it all anyway

We were best friends

You said things…

Those comments hurt more than I thought words could.

I didn’t want that.

I did want your help.

You hurt me with your words and said you were

“expressing yourself”.

Regardless, words hurt.

Friends can break your heart too…

Maybe Saturday things will be better

Maybe Saturday things will change

For now, tears flow on their own

Because I don’t know now


But I hurt you too

And you held back on saying so

And I never knew

Until you told me

I started listening to the song

“we don’t talk anymore”

And I realized I never wanted that to be us!

We made a plan for the future

Mature adults working it out.


I was selfish and I didn’t think of you

Now I’m thinking differently

The power of friendship, realized

So, “we don’t talk anymore” can remain a song

And we remain best friends


The power of friendship


During my composition of “rough seas”

My friends were able with kindness to please

To make me smile

To believe better days

Are here to say

I’m constantly taken aback by their kindness

They remind me about hope

They are my support

And when there are rough seas

There is something much greater

The power of friendship

Ode to my English Class: Enormous Wings and Things to Carry


Ode to Gadies and Lettermen

To sitting across from a complete stranger on August 26th

And reading “Hills like White Elephants”

Ode to Nicole the page princess

Ode to Liz Marie the 1st spiritual leader, blunt and fierce

To the chalkboard and that darn desk that is always loose

To the window that displays only a moment in time

Ode to Civil Peace, Building fires, and Sweat

Ode to living out a Saturday night live skit

For drinking water, coffee, or chocolate milk

And listening to Nick’s wise insight about a story

Or simple pride to say he man handles things

Ode to Ben for declaring a boy becomes a man at age 13

Ode to McKenzie for her insight during The Guest,

Choosing structure over freedom

Ode to Spencer for history lessons and beer critiques

To greasy lakes and Open Boats

Ode to Patrick’s memorable quote about what the blind actually see

To Paul’s open-mindedness – thank you for truly diving into the stories

And seeing so many details, giving us so much to think about

Ode to Scriveners, yellow wallpaper, red convertibles and rocking horses

Ode to Liz for being so peaceful, calm amongst the storm

To Megan for having her i-pod and head on straight, sitting in the back, a buffer

To Brian’s skepticism and humor and baseball caps

Ode to Vlad’s indifference and Antonio’s ability to answer

Questions on the flip of a dime when all seems lost

To Nell, my lucky ninja for sharing her frustration of violent video games

During the things we carried discussion

We all sat there quietly, I tried to imagine it but I just lost myself in realizing

We are not as desensitized as we may think

I foolishly went on and on talking like I had some right others didn’t

I apologize for my loudness and my annoying at times presence.

My many tangents

I apologize for calling foul and pounding on the table like the child

In The use of Force

Ode to Bill for reading

And always being able to say from beginning to end what happened

Ode to Mielas for pointing out the great depression and discussing Native Americans

Ode to chrysanthemums, happy endings, greasy lakes, cathedrals, and the guest

To Desiree’s baby and the newborn thrown…

Ode to Megan’s Solace on the side

Ode to Elly’s grace, glasses, giggle and spot on analysis

This is my Ode to Professor Davros for listening to what ever we

Had to say and for taking jokes with a gram of salt

For coming to class and getting a migraine no doubt

But for absorbing all of our babble into something that makes sense

We sit transfixed, bedazzled.

Some loud, some quiet

Some laughing some texting

Some tired, others pumped for discussions

Ode to Occurrences at Bridges, Necklaces, and Real Things

We came as ordinary people and learned where we are

And where we have been

Leaving my desk and chair I emerge towards the door, and stand realizing

“I prefer not to.”

(Memories from a great class, a poem I found that I’d like to share)