Distance: The Finale


It’s been over 11 years
Despite my greatest fears
That she’s gone so far away
At home she cannot stay
I miss her laughter and her grin
And to my great chagrin
I miss just walks with her through the neighborhood
She’s moved out and happy as can be
And me?
I’m so happy she found true love and joy
She is not a toy
To be passed around
To just toss to the ground
She’s a human being and through thick and thin
She truly loves me
She’s my sister, my twin
And together we will always win
So although distance separates us we are never really apart
Because we are bond together by the love in our heart

Unwrap my Heart


I’m wrapped up my heart for you

In a beautiful soft lavender cloth

I’ve dusted the cobwebs off of it

Glued the pieces together that broke

I’ve enriched it with prayer

I’ve polished it so it shimmers and shines

I’ve filled it with all my love

All the love ever held inside me

And now my dear one

Unwrap my heart carefully and

Without haste

Fall deeply into my love

That then becomes our love

Unwrap my heart gently and

We can finally love as one