Everything, Everything: A Review


My initial thoughts upon seeing this trailer was that this was going to be a really cheesy and pointless movie, and it was not.

Maddie, the title character lives in her home and never leaves due to a medical condition. The plot of this movie really rushes important plot points it could have expanded on for a much stronger movies. Instead it uses popular music and other summer tricks uses to convince teens to see movies. I’m not a teen, 28 in fact, but what I admire about this movie is how it captures young love. I thought the use of fantasy in the film was fantastic. I really appreciated that Maddie’s relationship with Olly, seemed close to what a real relationship would be like.

Overall, I did enjoy this movie but I don’t know if it was something to see in a theater or just rent at home once it comes out on DVD. Many parts of the plots were questionable and it seemed there were great leaps. But there were some simple, brilliant moments in this film that I really enjoyed.

Something that is not a fault of the film is all the hyper teenagers I was surrounded by during the movie. They were loud, obnoxious, distracted, vuglar, and I truly think I would have enjoyed the movie much more and been really able to escape if not for the people around me. I think this movie teaches about love, life, and forgiveness so if you want to see it in theater or maybe on DVD, I think the character is relateable. and the fantasy element of this movie, as well as the way the young couple communicates is really unique and something I haven’t seen before. I will say the couple seems really mature for 18 year olds.

Everything, Everything wasn’t everything I thought it would be. But I think it is worth checking out. I say, See it. Maybe on DVD is better.

Untitled : A Poem


the price you pay
for being nice is
your sacrifice each day,
that what you have left will suffice
and get you through the day.
no matter how many rhymes in row
you manage to dish out
you know inside and cannot hide
on what you’re losing out,
by being the “good girl”.

Always doing what is asked of you
Never asking for your self.
Doing the right thing even when it’s the wrong thing for you.
Truly losing friends and missing out.
Pondering of what would occur
Wondering if you went and just walked out.
Gasping for air.
that being overly kind is
what rewinds
Your courage level each day.
you crawl and fall.
Against the wall curling up in comfort of quiet

No more, instead prepare!
Stand and fight !
Don’t be polite screw the few (many) who’ve screwed you!
to those who don’t deserve your time of day.
Do not be timid, destroy demolish.
Jump in head first and get what’s yours.
because being “nice” is worth nothing really
if you let your love go on someone else’s arm.
You’ll live to regret that chance you got
And threw it all away.
Don’t pretend that that’s the end
It’s just beginning hopefully anyway.

it’s the fighters that will win
survival of the fittest they say.
So grab you weapon of choice
Rejoice in self-defense.
So when you recollect this fight
Win or lose You actually tried.
I’m not saying you should
be cruel and evil on this
tiny earth
for humans have been
born with original sin since birth.
Fight the inner demons with
Shield and Sword, your destiny
And you honor is what you’re fighting for

Letting down your initial guard
may be immensely hard but
when you do let go and forget
the times your heart’s been burned.
And the times you thought you’d never get through
and let someone in
drop your weapons carefully
until you can put them away for good
you’ll find him someday, and he’ll find you.
Waiting for you “the good girl”
To make good on your promise and love him without fear but with the will to fight
Happily ever after?

Life is like a walk in the park.


Life is like a walk in the park. When you are born you learn the images and sounds until you produce the memory of where you are- a happy place. As you grow up, you outgrow the play ground. There ends your childhood, the kissed injures now just a memory in a glass bottle somewhere. Now you are on to the adulthood of the park, and if you thought childhood was hard just wait. Now you have a job, you job is to walk. The destination does not matter. It’s what you do along the way that counts. For example, when you come across a problem a branch loose off a tree it falls blocking your path. This could be a doctor’s visit or a broken bone. Suddenly you hit a fork in the road. Do I go to Harvard or a community college? Do I become a doctor or a teacher? The forks in life are varied so choose wisely. A meeting with an old friend enlightens you but you’ll need it for what’s coming up. A rough storm picks up suddenly but it is too late to run and hide. The dirty face of suicide has shown itself for the first time in your life, your friend lies on the ground still clutching the gun that ended his life. This storm is a metaphor for what’s going on inside. You better be ready for it, or you just might crash. You are now 24 and out of college when you bump into someone for the first time. One thing leads to another and suddenly 25 years and 4 children later you are exhausted but not giving up. Then the dreaded stalker approaches as night falls. It’s the cancer from your childhood. It’s come back! You winning the lottery couldn’t cheer you up now. Then, suddenly you are no longer in charge of your own decisions. A higher power, a “heavenly” light has taken you to a different park – a park of stones, sadness, and tears. You are laid down for the last time. One fork I hope you enjoyed was the fork when you decided to read my “essay”. Exhausted? Well, for you, life’s just a walk in the park.

My Explaination of life


Some things are fixed only to be broken again. It is a test no one can pass, not even with flying colors. Some things break so that we finally pay closer attention to them; draw our conclusions based on pain. Because before the pain there was silence. Silence can tell you only one thing and that is that there is something wrong. Then gain maybe it’s just our imagination run a muck. That quiet kid in class or that silent relative at the holiday table. So we search for answers. Some of us have our own pain cast upon our family unintentionally but just because we don’t mean to does not mean the pain is not there. It is, it’s stabbing everyone. Taking turns torturing and tormenting. We give up most luxuries like friends, going out. Try to do everything on our own when really our heart bleeds for human interaction. To find someone that can process it. Not understand because how could anyone? Just need comfort. Tangible hands cradling you. A true friend, a place to go for daily refuge in this unforgiving place called Earth. To sit with us for hours not saying anything, just listening to music or the wind howl, wait impatiently for change. But we lose it. Somewhere along the way we just lose it. We melt apart into nothing and run like hell to cover our tracks until we can put the pieces in relatively the same place. Because they will never be together again. Not really anyway. Some pieces are lost, other still don’t fit the same, and a replacement is needed. We try, though, to keep our hurt hidden. We smile like the fools we are, laugh go through the motions lying to not only ourselves but everyone around us. We enjoy talents and continue to expand them, we fall in love, raise families, graduate from universities, travel the world, and yet pieces are still missing. It that because they are gone and we will never find them? Or is it that we, despite ourselves, have stopped looking?