Scattered Soul


Pieces of my soul
Float around the earth
Wondering constantly
About their worth
The truth is
Alone or together
They are priceless
I run endlessly
Soaking up my soul
There are cracks in it
In my beautiful soul
Somewhere out there is the love
That will fill in the creases
And solidify my soul
With his soul
It’s smooth and whole
Until then,
Can you give my scattered soul a chance?

So we can beat as one


I keep hoping we are meant to be
Everytime you talk to me
But right now you are so busy
Doubt seeps in
I begin to stress out again
I strive for some balance
Worrying all the time is my Achilles heel.
I keep hoping we are meant to be
Everytime you talk to me
I hope tonight you are less busy
So I can connect my heart to yours
So we can beat as one

Let me go, I’m sick of being lovesick


I have important things to do and important places to go

Whether it rains or there is snow

Let me go, the wanting of love

Let me be, can’t you see

The want of you is slowly

Destroying me

Let me go, let me fly

Let me leave, just let me by

I want to leave this lovesick spell

I have a place I wish to dwell

I have high hopes and glorious dreams

And although it seems

That all I want is love

All I really want is life

If love finds me great

I will truly celebrate

Until then I want a job, apartment, a puppy, a life of my own

A place to call my true home

And I am sick of being lovesick

So please heart and brain

Be still for me

Because you’re driving me insane

Be still for me and let me live

Then the great sin of madness due to love that you’ve both created

Only once you release me

Only then can I forgive

Standing in the Rain


Standing in the rain
So refreshing for the brain
The thrill of a flash flood
Right in front of my eyes
The cold, harsh drops are my demise
Yet still i stand and watch it go
Watch the clouds, dark and foreboding
Watch it go
In sequence and motion
Although i had a notion
The rain would be refreshing
I am numb
Thinking of the people i wouldn’t see
And the person I’ve become
Thinking I need more rain
More blurs of vision
More spattering harsh liquid on my face
More cold, more numb
Standing the rain
I begin to head home
The rain picks up suddenly
And I race for warmth
Standing in the rain

Release my heart


Release my heart

Please let me go

My great pain you do not know

Release my heart

And let my live

All my love I did give

Release my heart from your grip

Release it slowly let it slip

Please can I have it back

It feels like my heart’s under attack

I want to give it to someone else

You didn’t even want it

But somehow with you it remains

It’s driving me insane

I want to love another

Please give me that chance

I want to find real, true romance

I know you can’t hear me

But in case you do

Release my heart

It doesn’t belong to you