A piano plays softly now
We meet in the middle somehow
Our bodies touch, and suddenly
In this world it will be just you and me.
Nothing sexual or rough
Your hands not tough but soft
Are on my waist
My eyes meet your eyes
That was a pleasurable surprise
As your penetrating stare becomes
One of longing, of pure love
I glimpse into a heavenly paradise
Beautiful blue glamorous green
Compose this island-like scene
Long after the music has ceased
Moving slowly on a cloud
Not sexual or promiscuous or flashy
But a starry-eyed love
Please, don’t abandon me tonight
For along with your leaving leaves my light
I can’t risk never seeing heaven again
And only in our dance
Can it be found

Do they have guitars in heaven? Dedicated in loving memory to Eric Nicholson


He’s gone now

He can no long play

God took him straight away

He was so very ill so he couldn’t stay

On Earth

So now he’s looking down on us

A remarkable man

Always with a plan to impress

Just be being his beautiful self

With the presence of an angel

He wrote the song of Shimer

The most beautiful tune around

Eric should be able to continue to play

The lovely music that stole our hearts away

So I have to ask God

A serious question –

Do they have guitars in heaven?

(my analogy of a friendship in ruins)


The ship went down harshly and horrifically

Ask for no more details

Everyone drowned

Without a hope for air

I know nothing I swear…

Except that the captain was ripping out his hair

For it went down

Too fast for lifeboats,

Too fast for an S.O.S.

The crew barely reached their coats

Before the ear piercing screams began

Quick escape plans

Not fast enough

The sea is  quite rough and unforgiving

The ship went down

Ask for mercy I beg you

For the 80 souls perished

Pray for those souls to reach solace in

Heaven’s Embrace

To Honor the Victims of Plane #17


sometimes I just have to be friends with the monsters in my mind.
they give me no other options.
twisted and churning, my mind begs for a calm that won’t come.
the images of the plane burning keep me up at night.
the voices of grieving families echo in my ears.
who did this? why? how can we punish them?
these three questions are what the news wants.

where is the sympathy for the families and the victims?
I am overcome by the fact that
lying down and thinking
I cannot do anything to help or change the outcome.
all I can do is pray for the victims and the 298 souls where
the night is littered with stars
they are looking down at us
At the remnants of hell while in heaven.