I cry far too much

My face swollen with tears

My heart throbbing with hurt

You cannot cry and so

You envy me

And I don’t know why

But I want to know what hurts you

What deeply harms your soul

I want to help you feel okay, make you feel whole

I want to know what scares you

I want to help chase your fears far away

Why you can’t cry

Why I cry way to much

And yes, crying occasionally is helpful

Crying to much is truly not

As you point out

“I guess we are bookends”


Hold on, Hold on to me


Vibrations in my brain, incorrectly wired
Sending all these input and outputs until I’ve rapidly perspired
Screaming that’s so loud only I can hear it
But it’s deafening
Then silence
And me
On my bed
Hold on, Hold on to me