Somewhere only we go


In the woods we’d go

Packed and comfy

Everything we need, we’d have

And we’d hike

talk, laugh, giggle, tickle, wrestle

We’d hike more

Then pitch a tent

Exhausted, spent

I’d relent to the feelings that I cannot fight

And we’d ignite the quiet night


Ode to Photographs


Photographs, oh the things you capture
You have seen everything and been ever where in the world
Capturing as you go
Brutal murder scenes
Complete and utter rapture
You capture a smile
You capture the old, discolored newspaper pile
You capture a person
Stuck in denial

Photographs capture
A moment and keep it for you
Whenever you are miserable and lost
The sapphire box of old memories will
Draw a memory back for you
Running straight
On the track
Back on memory lane,
Embedded deep in my brain

Photographs assist my meeting people
I never could; relatives from distant lands
But I still can’t
Because if humanly possible I would

Photographs of
Exotic flowers and wicked witches
With mystical powers
Pictures of places
Paris, Prague, and Rome
All the way to Australia till
I get back home

The simplicity of a photograph is overrun
When a holiday comes
My mom overdoes it a bit
1000 pictures in an evening
My smile is as tight and fake and insincere
As a man’s apology

You capture
You capture
You capture
You completely stop time
With no reason or rhyme

Photos when we forgot
You help us remember like that
First kiss, or first snow fall of the season

Photographs sometimes people
Use you for wrong
Pornography, loss of privacy
Pure treason
And morally wrong.

Photographs you keep my eyes wide awake
At night
Filling my live dreams to the brim
With delight, pure dynamite
Old yearbook scribbles are only
With a photo, a face
To go with the comments in
An arbitrary place on the page

Photos never go out of style
Here they lie in a pile
I pick one up and
Although some depict horror
Such as war
Something that Americans can no longer ignore
I pick out a photo of a girl staring in the sky
Letting the day’s woes pass her by

Thank you photograph
For all that you do
Start, end a conversation
Ruin a marriage
Trigger a memory
Ruin a friendship
Trigger an emotion that triggers
An emotion stronger
That segways into a moment-
Admission of true love

Songs have been written about you
Millions of green pieces of paper have been exchanged
For one of you
A quick, fickle but true fact
America is tainted by pictures mistaken as facts

Photographs you
Take a gift and wrap it
The icing on the cake

The only things I have left now
Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Guilt is in the eye of the photo holder

This is an ode to you photos
Our mind’s eye is in love with the
Creativity you stir

I can pick up an aged snapshot
And see an old friend who has long since
Dismissed me from view

So I will take the good with the unspeakable
The healthy, with the untreatable
The ones in love along with the dejected
Oh photographs
Let me count the days
The angles and ways
You change me each of these passing days.