Bloody knuckles

Broken dreams

Tears stream

I scream

But no one can hear

Not one can lend an ear

My watch smashes and breaks

How much will it take

Before I smash too?

Before it’s much more than

Bleeding knuckles

Broken dreams

When will I be okay

When will anybody love me

When will the hate stop

When will I see the top


Until then

It’s bleeding knuckles

Broken dreams



Prick prick prick

The ice stings

Prick prick prick

The pain intensifies

Prick prick prick

I turn the corner

Because among all the days I’ve walked this road

Today is the coldest

It burns holes in my soul

Prick prick prick

Hiding in the body of a young, vibrant woman…


Only a Few good days pass

Before I relapse into my other self

Before my body and mind collapse into rage and fear

Before I cannot feel anything

Before my anxiety and paranoia take over

Before I shatter as I hit the abyss

All I can do once I’m at the frigid depth

Is not plunge all the way to the end

Before everything is lost

Before everyone I know leaves me

Because I know I’m a monster

Hiding in the body of a young, vibrant woman

Who loves books, burgers, football, and poetry

Who loves her friends and family with her entire heart

But all my joy was spilled out and ripped apart

Before I become the nothing I feel

I have to swim out of the abyss

And until I’m out of this cycle of pain

All I can do

Is tread water

So I don’t drown

And get swallowed up by the illness that threatens to take everything from me

I have to fight to stay above water

I have to battle

But more importantly

I must not give in

I must destroy what harms me

Only then can I truly defeat the abyss and win back my life

Because with you in my life, I feel complete I feel whole


Many, many nights after

Our one big fight

I was in great fright

My body was giving into flight

I had a nightmare that I couldn’t shake

I thought this is more than I can take

I loved you so much it that hurt

You walked over towards me

And very quietly

You wiped my tears

On the sleeves of your shirt

But I just continued to cry

You were so, so worried

You didn’t know why

I was scared I’d lose you for good

That my heart would

Snap in half and break

And never be repaired

I couldn’t think

You handed my a cold drink

Of water and then you wiped my eyes

With your fingers and to my surprise

You said it was your fault

I said no it was mine

Then you did something truly divine

You just held my body in a loving embrace

For a moment there was no one at all in this entire place

My body stopped shaking the longer you held me

Then after our embrace I finally felt free

Suddenly a sweet kiss upon my lips

I could barely could get my grip

You felt it and you helped me not to fall

You then told me to never feel small

You told me “no matter what I do that I’ll always and forever love you”

And although it was tough

I knew love was enough

Enough to get us through

So with a peck

Upon your neck

You held my gaze

It didn’t faze


No more tears

From all my fears

Together longer

Now we are stronger too


You get down on one knee

Shock overwhelms my entire body

And before you can say anything

I say I do

You laugh and tell me you have so much more to say

You say this remarkable, beautiful speech about us

My troubles melt away

After I was a sobbing mess

You proposed and I said yes

You put the ring upon my finger

On my hand your hand seems to linger

The tears come again flowing fast

Because I know this Love was meant to last

You kiss my tears away

And that’s just where they will stay

There is so much joy in my soul

Because with you in my life

I feel complete, I feel whole



I feel it pulsing in my veins
So to break its chains
I will sing, dance, prance
I will try something new
I will be scared out of my wits
But I will not quit
Until I smash Monotony dead
Find something extraordinary in an ordinary day
And I will be living
Instead of just alive

Show me your dreams :>


Hello, my name is Doris
This quite quirky movie about finding yourself is not to be missed.

From the very beginning its like you are being kissed.

Kissed with vibrant color and hope and love

Hope from her home and her mother above

Doris inspires in this film so much

You can almost sense a touch

Of life changing moments when you perceive 

What sorts of things Doris can achieve 

I won’t ruin the ending

Go see it for yourself 

Don’t be a dusty being sitting on a shelf

Dust yourself off and watch this show!

What are you waiting for?


The Forbidden Staircase


The forbidden staircase : by Maria Pondo

I walk it everyday
I walk the forbidden path
I am practically crucified for what I can’t change
I walk this spiraling staircase alone
I walk with no railing
I walk and when I fall I leap up     I dust myself off, ice the bruises
I walk this perilous path
I walk to freedom
I walk for fresh air to fill my lungs
I walk to an education
I walk to find true love
I walk for books I love and coffee I adore
I walk a new life where I discovered my strengths
I walk this path of joy
But it is a forbidden case of stairs to me so I walk quietly
And sometimes I walk it alone.
I walk with my head up and a heavy heart.
I walk hoping to help others so we can walk together, never alone.
I walk because of the journey.
I walk for the wing in my hair
And the silent hope that the love of my life is traveling the same staircase not far behind…