Smoke coasts endlessly
We kiss breathlessly
Disaster in the air
Love in the distance
It’s black and white
and gray
All at the same time
Smoke coasts endlessly
We kiss breathlessly

The opposite of another you


Another you to hug
Another you to hold
Another you to laugh with
Another you to listen to me
Another you to care
Another you to understand
Another you to watch movies
Another you to eat dinner
Another you to peruse bookstores with
Another you to miss
I don’t want another you
You left me
You abandoned us
You didn’t care one bit
You went your own way without a second thought
You left me to stare
You left me cold
You left so bold
You hurt me so much
I shivered at the idea of seeing you
I want someone to truly care
I want someone who won’t just leave
I want someone to love
I want someone to kiss
I want someone I will miss
I want someone to be there
I want someone to stay when things are hard
I want someone through think and thin
So really,
I want literally the opposite
Of another you

I saw you


After a rough night
My dreams took flight
After a long hard, depressing day
I count on my dreams to take me far away
After pain and tears
After all my fears
After problems and lack of a job
Swallow my life
After all this fills me to the brim with strife
I go to my bed
I wrap around my covers
And instead
Of happy dreams to calm me
I see something else entirely
Through the fog and mist
It was your lips I kissed
Not even in the land of dreams it’s true
I try to escape but I saw it,
I saw you



when to help someone
when to help yourself
when to help someone help themselves
when to stop helping
when to hang on
when to let go
when to be best friends
when to befriend
when to stop being friends
when to choose my own future
when to listen to my brain
when to listen to my heart when it’s calling to me
when to defend
when to be assertive
when to just ignore
when fix it
when to realize you can’t ever fix it
when to realize it was never broken
when to realize it’s gone
when to smile and laugh
when to stand up
when to be independent
when to ask for help
when to do it yourself
when to confide in a friend
when to lock it inside
when to let loose and dance
when to act mature
when to be yourself
when to listen
when to listen to myself
when to care
when to stop caring
when to stop being so guarded
when to take a chance
when to take a risk
when to take a break
when to take a vacation
when to just relax
and by taking a chance discovering
a part of you that you didn’t know was there
when to hope
when to dream
when to try
and try harder
when to lose it
when to mend my heart
when to build a bridge
when one gets broken and burned
when to let someone help you up
when to finally realize
it’s not so bad
when to realize despite what it seems
that I’m not alone
when to keep talking
when to be silent
when to smile
when to look away
when to hug
when to fear
when to pray
when hope dissolves away
when to listen to music
when to accept hugs
when to scream
when to run
when to sing
when to shop
when to watch the sun come up
when to understand that silence meant everything
when to understand life’s not bright green trees and pink flowers
when it’s okay to fight back
when it’s not and
when I’ve gone too far
when to laugh
when to smile and
when to force a smile
when to cry
when to lean on the shoulder of the man you love
when to kiss
when to trust him
when to whisper in his ear
when to listen to him
when to dream with him
to lie on his chest and falling asleep to the beating of his heart

Because with you in my life, I feel complete I feel whole


Many, many nights after

Our one big fight

I was in great fright

My body was giving into flight

I had a nightmare that I couldn’t shake

I thought this is more than I can take

I loved you so much it that hurt

You walked over towards me

And very quietly

You wiped my tears

On the sleeves of your shirt

But I just continued to cry

You were so, so worried

You didn’t know why

I was scared I’d lose you for good

That my heart would

Snap in half and break

And never be repaired

I couldn’t think

You handed my a cold drink

Of water and then you wiped my eyes

With your fingers and to my surprise

You said it was your fault

I said no it was mine

Then you did something truly divine

You just held my body in a loving embrace

For a moment there was no one at all in this entire place

My body stopped shaking the longer you held me

Then after our embrace I finally felt free

Suddenly a sweet kiss upon my lips

I could barely could get my grip

You felt it and you helped me not to fall

You then told me to never feel small

You told me “no matter what I do that I’ll always and forever love you”

And although it was tough

I knew love was enough

Enough to get us through

So with a peck

Upon your neck

You held my gaze

It didn’t faze


No more tears

From all my fears

Together longer

Now we are stronger too


You get down on one knee

Shock overwhelms my entire body

And before you can say anything

I say I do

You laugh and tell me you have so much more to say

You say this remarkable, beautiful speech about us

My troubles melt away

After I was a sobbing mess

You proposed and I said yes

You put the ring upon my finger

On my hand your hand seems to linger

The tears come again flowing fast

Because I know this Love was meant to last

You kiss my tears away

And that’s just where they will stay

There is so much joy in my soul

Because with you in my life

I feel complete, I feel whole

I don’t want to beg for love (fusion)


That I’m still breathing, I’m hopeless now…”

“I’d climb every mountain
I’d swim every ocean
Just to be with you
And fix what’s I’ve broken
Because I knew you to see

You are the reason…

If I could turn back the clock
I’d make sure the light defended the dark
I’d spend every hour
Of every day
Keeping you safe…”

This song almost always makes me cry
Because I want to sing it to you
I already love you so much
But will you love me back?
I need you to hold me tonight.


I’m dying inside. Giving all of me until I’m drained.
Because “all of me Loves all of you”.

“Love your curves and all your edges
Love your perfect imperfections”


I don’t want to beg for love
I want you to see my face, eyes and see my heart
Hear my voice, read my words
And feel my touch and know that it’s me
That I am your reason