Star crossed lovers


There is no harm in star crossed lovers

Their story must be told

There is no harm in them

Because they are so bold

Their bravery and courage

And fierce hope instead

Of fear and despair

They minds haven’t been read

Because they trust each other

You cannot never tear them apart

Because these star crossed lovers

Well they share one heart


As real as the stars


When will the time come

When will it be true

That I’ve found the one

Who won’t make me blue

Who will take my dreams

And give them flight

Who I will cling to as they hold me tight

When I’m at library

When I’m in church

When I’m at a theater

When I’m on a walk

When I’m hiking

When will it be?

When will I meet you and you meet me?

Will it be tomorrow or today

How will this play out?

I don’t know

But I know you’re out there

In the rain and snow

When I find you

Off to the sunset

We’ll go

Then I’ll have a true muse

Only then once I actually can touch you

When I’ll never have too much of you


I’ll write about you

The great poems with a purpose now

With a subject matter not invented

With one that is real as the stars

Beautiful to you


Talk about whatever

You think I’m really clever

We talk some more

We explore each other in that way

Hoping we could be more someday

You tell me that I’m beautiful then I gasp

And I try desperately to grasp

The depth of your kindness

You make my heart soar

You mean so much more

Then I ever thought you would

It went from something to everything really fast

I hope what we have will last

Until that is worked out at least I know

To you I am beautiful

Madness. Then Calm.


I understand the writers madness
It spirals within my very bones
A tall towering tumbling
My mental state is troubling
I’m only human
I push against The force that wants to destroy me
I use the power of pen
Mightier than the sword
I know it is.
Writer’s madness
It is a part of my heart
It can be joyous
I have experienced the flutter of ecstasy
Right now though, it is most unpleasant
Torture chambers bind my mind
I hack away at the ropes, they regrow
I will continue to battle,
no matter how dark the sky
How deep the water
How cold the room
I will be victorious in finding peace
Even if hell precedes it
I will find my beautiful piece of Heaven
Right here on Earth
And I will tie myself
With a magical ribbon
I will be bound to a better life
Lavender ribbon of calm

Ode to coffee


From the moment you touch my lips

It’s a special thing; I can barely hold my grip

You feel the air with joy and love

You’re truly a gift from God above

When I pour you into my cup

I quietly and quickly drink you up

I cannot get enough of you

Oh coffee, how I love thee

When I wake up

Or when I’m stressed

You will always know me best

A cup of you will pass my test

And no matter my qualm

After I ingest you I am calm

Your silky brown color

Your wondrous smell

Not a fiber of my being do you repel

It’s heaven when I walk into a room

That’s filled to the brim with your sweet perfume

A cup of coffee is all I need

To be happy, yes indeed

I have special moments with my mom and you

When we drink you together, our fun is simple but true

So no matter how bad my day

A coffee in my hand and it won’t stay that way

Ode to coffee

You’re so simple but so complex

I don’t know what will happen next

My future is one great mystery

But with coffee, I know the best thing will be

My love and I sipping a nice cup of it

That is something that hasn’t happened yet

Coffee lead the way

Although life is about changing, coffee please never go too far away

Forever in my heart, please stay

High on the List…


High on the list of things I hate
Broken rulers, being dreadfully late
Burning something or worse leaving it uncooked
Going to a hotel only to find out they’re booked
Self- help books and a huge flood
When my brand new shoes get caked in filthy mud

Cruelties towards an animals or human soul
Finding out your favorite team lost by one goal
When your dress tears apart at the seams
You wish that it was a sequence of bad dreams
(Yes I even hating the wishing, the lies we have to tell ourselves to stay okay)
When nature’s fury causes us to question our fate
These are high on the list of things I hate

When you end up questioning everything you’ve ever done
If you have not, it is time you’ve begun
When you look in the mirror and
You truly don’t love it, you take your hands and pray
When you have a craving for something and the store is fresh out
When you’re baby cousin does nothing but screech and shout

But something I don’t hate per say but
Something that makes me cry when it occurs this way
Is when I am sad
And no one knows why
Instead of advice or comfort of any kind
They sit there stuck on rewind
No knowing that the only thing worse
Then any problem, burden or curse
Is facing this world alone



when to help someone
when to help yourself
when to help someone help themselves
when to stop helping
when to hang on
when to let go
when to be best friends
when to befriend
when to stop being friends
when to choose my own future
when to listen to my brain
when to listen to my heart when it’s calling to me
when to defend
when to be assertive
when to just ignore
when fix it
when to realize you can’t ever fix it
when to realize it was never broken
when to realize it’s gone
when to smile and laugh
when to stand up
when to be independent
when to ask for help
when to do it yourself
when to confide in a friend
when to lock it inside
when to let loose and dance
when to act mature
when to be yourself
when to listen
when to listen to myself
when to care
when to stop caring
when to stop being so guarded
when to take a chance
when to take a risk
when to take a break
when to take a vacation
when to just relax
and by taking a chance discovering
a part of you that you didn’t know was there
when to hope
when to dream
when to try
and try harder
when to lose it
when to mend my heart
when to build a bridge
when one gets broken and burned
when to let someone help you up
when to finally realize
it’s not so bad
when to realize despite what it seems
that I’m not alone
when to keep talking
when to be silent
when to smile
when to look away
when to hug
when to fear
when to pray
when hope dissolves away
when to listen to music
when to accept hugs
when to scream
when to run
when to sing
when to shop
when to watch the sun come up
when to understand that silence meant everything
when to understand life’s not bright green trees and pink flowers
when it’s okay to fight back
when it’s not and
when I’ve gone too far
when to laugh
when to smile and
when to force a smile
when to cry
when to lean on the shoulder of the man you love
when to kiss
when to trust him
when to whisper in his ear
when to listen to him
when to dream with him
to lie on his chest and falling asleep to the beating of his heart