Please, spill the light


It’s so dark in the realm of my tunnel
I’ve dug it out myself
Cold, miserable, dirty, alone, and lonely
It’s creepy here
Eerie, a pin could drop
And it would be an explosion to my ears
I’ve dug this tunnel so deep
I fear the light
I fear love
I fear hope
I fear warmth
Better to be sad
Better to be lost
Better to be alone
Better to cold
That to have love
Then fall and crumble
But could light ever spill into my tunnel?
Could a sliver of hope ever sneak its way in?
Could I find the strength to climb out?
No, so could you come to me? Keep my company.
If only so the desolate loneliness could be crushed.
Could I ever escape my tunnel of pain?
Tunnel of confusion
I’m so lost,
Please, Spill the light
Like a fire
Ignite my lonely heart with your fire
Teach me to want, to long for the light

Windows of Myself


Broken, Clipped Frames
Casting Shadows
Peeking through cracks of light
Shimmering, illuminating my
Face of pain

Hiding behind shards
Until the moment of pain will pass
Surrounded by a mass
Of darkness at night
The pain swallows me
Feels me with fright

Through the window
Your glorious face appears
My pain instantly melts, disappears
Because I know you unconditionally accept
The Windows of myself